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Changing the Conversation on Sex

Making sex more fun and comfortable to learn about and discuss

How to Use a Vibrator

Our mission at the Nooky Box is to make sex more fun and comfortable to learn about and discuss.

We’re serious about that… in a fun and down-to-earth way.

We want people, just like you, to feel good about their bodies and desires. To have real conversations about sex and what they like.

After all, sex is the most natural and exciting way for us to connect with other people and with ourselves.

What We Do and Love

  • Provide sex education, news and entertainment to our community through articles, newsletters and social media
  • Select, test and review the highest-quality and body-safe adult products on the market
  • Choose the best combinations of toys, lubes and other products to include in boxes curated by theme, purpose or interest
  • Discreetly deliver boxes to you that provide new and amazing sexual experiences

Did you know that certain types of toys are not compatible with certain types of lubes?

And which types of lubes are appropriate for specific uses and situations?

We’re here to help you navigate all the confusing or misleading information out there and improve your sex life!

Our History

Nooky Box was created by CEO and Founder Meg Ross.

The company officially launched February 2016 in Missoula Montana with the quarterly Nooky Box Subscription.

Each quarter’s subscription box included a variety of toys, lubes and other surprises curated by a specific theme.

Themed subscription boxes history:

  • “Sex Is Fun” – April, 2016
  • “Sed Is Hot” – August, 2016
  • “Sex is Cozy” – November, 2016
  • “Sex is Passion” – February, 2017
  • “Sex is Healthy” – April, 2017