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The Brain Behind The Nooky Box

“XO, Meg.” Some of you may recognize this signature from the thank you cards in your boxes or as an email sign-off if you’ve ever chatted with us or had questions you needed answered. Here at The Nooky Box we have been overwhelmed with the support and community we have built since our launch in February of 2016 and are so grateful for the communication and feedback that you have provided.

Since most of our weekly newsletters and blogs are about products and boxes, we figured it was time to get personal and share some information about our Founder and CEO, Meg Ross, and her vision in creating The Nooky Box.

Meg was born and raised in the small, mountain town of Missoula, Montana before her adventurous spirit moved her to Detroit, New York, and San Diego to begin her career as an entrepreneur.

Meg has extensive experience in the entrepreneurial world, working on projects that include, starting a Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school in New York and founding a business consultation company, Evolve Inc.

Her passion and skills to create a company from the ground up, paired with the idea of creating a thoughtfully curated, sex-positive experience for everyone—regardless of sexual orientation—gave rise to The Nooky Box. She realized a huge need for more education around sex that is comfortable, relatable, and is shared in a positive way that engages people and helps them to understand and feel good about their sexuality.

“Sex is a loaded topic for most people,” explained Meg, “often bringing up fear, shame, and embarrassment. I wanted to find a way to get people talking, particularly with their partners, in a healthy and playful manner while encouraging greater intimacy.”

As part of her commitment to creating more enjoyable sexual experiences, Meg and The Nooky Box team seek out vendors with similar values. The Nooky Box includes products that are high quality, body-safe and healthy, and offers education and support through blog posts (some written by certified sex therapists), newsletters, videos and other mediums.

The goals of creating and sharing these resources are to get people talking, exploring,  and smiling because sex should be a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Over the past year, The Nooky Box has received an enormous amount of support and positive feedback that we have used to grow and adapt the company to the needs and desires of our customers. Meg believes that communication with subscribers and readers is key to developing a service that is thoughtful and personalized. In addition,  Meg and the Nooky Box team strive to provide a wide variety of unique themes and products to help people discover what they like and what works for their bodies.

The Nooky Box is on a mission to provide not only an exciting subscription service, but change and improve the way people talk about sex. Together, with our network of other sex positive companies and people who share the same values, we will help spread this message and get everyone saying, “YAY SEX!”