Sexy Accessories For One Night Stands

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    You’ve found a cutie, you’re taking them back to your place, and you’re planning on a night for everyone to remember. What do you pack? What sex toys will even fit in a pocket or a purse? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of products to ensure the hottest hookups.

    1. Barriers!

    Whether you’re hooking up with someone with a penis or a vagina, if you don’t know them well enough to friend them on Facebook, you probably don’t want to risk pregnancy, STIs, or even commit to fluid bonding.

    Some options for awesome barriers include polyisoprene condoms (Skyn by Lifestyles are super thin, amazing, and safe for latex allergies), internal condoms (made of allergy-friendly nitrile, these are safe for use with any lubricant, even coconut oil or cannabis lube), nitrile gloves (can be used on hands or cut into a dental dam), and good ol’ saran wrap.

    For extra sensation in a condom, put a single drop of lube into the tip before unrolling, and for more pleasure when using a dam use plenty of lube on the side against a body. Make sure you bring at least two barriers, if not more. If that first one breaks, you want to make sure you’re protected. The more, the merrier.

    2. Lube, lube, lube!

    Of course it’s exciting the first time, but if your partner’s bits don’t lubricate themselves (butts!) or if you’ve been drinking a lot and dehydration is setting in, you’re going to need some extra slickness. Sliquid Sassy is a gel-like, plant-based lube that’s thick enough for anal play and gentle enough for the most sensitive bits. You can purchase little packets of lube that are perfectly palm-sized and great for travel. No leaky bottles in your bag!

    Okay, now the really fun stuff…

    3. Bondage tape!

    A plastic (latex free) tape that only sticks to itself- not skin. You can use it to fashion anything from simple cuffs, gags, and blindfolds, to under the bed restraints or tethers for a headboard. Bondage tape is super versatile, so the only real limitation is your imagination. Make sure to have emergency scissors on hand if you’re exploring kinky play, and establish a safeword!

    4. A travel-friendly vibe.

    Great for clits, dicks, perineums and the delicate external portion of the booty, a small vibe can add a lot of excitement to anyone’s playtime, solo or partnered.

    Bonus: if no babes are worthy of sacrificing your precious beauty sleep, a vibrator will ensure a fantastic night of alone time! A small waterproof, rechargeable vibe with a travel lock is ideal, and Lelo’s Siri 2 is just the ticket. To use the travel lock, simply hold the + and – buttons simultaneously for five seconds, and repeat to unlock. Coated in satiny, seam-free silicone, Siri is perfect for taking in the tub, on a plane, or for massaging your lover’s favorite spot. Just make sure this one never goes through the backdoor! Since it lacks a flared base, it could get lost, and no one wants a hot hook up to turn into an awkward emergency room visit.

    For an even more discreet vibe, try Crave’s Vesper- a sexy necklace that delivers surprisingly powerful vibrations. It’s rechargeable via USB and only those in the know will be clued into the lovely pendant hanging from your neck! Keep it sexy, keep it safe, and keep a condom on it if you aren’t fluid bonded.

    5. A sexy butt plug!

    Nothing adds to sensation more than a little butt stimulation. Anyone, beginner and seasoned pro alike, can enjoy the amazing stainless steel wonders that are nJoy’s line of anal plugs.

    They come in a variety of sizes ranging from the thumb-sized small option (1” in diameter) to a much heftier 2” diameter 2.0 option. For newbies and rare visitors to the backdoor, the small is recommended. For novices and folks who enjoy anal play on occasion, the medium. For serious anal players the large, and for the true size queens the 2.0 will be a perfect fit.

    Luxe and beautiful, these solid pieces are meant to last a lifetime of naughty nights. Boiling these plugs for three minutes will sanitize them, which means any partner you may have can also use them. The weight of these beautiful pieces certainly adds to their functionality, and they are sure to please you and your lover, if you’re generous enough to share!

    The sexiest accessory of all is an open mind, and the most important tool in your toy box is good communication. Paired with a stimulating toy or two, you’re sure to please and be pleased!

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