Ooh San Francisco Nights Collection Pleasure Kit Review

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    Ooh by Je Joue begs you to give in to your wanderlust fantasies. The product line features pleasure kits with backdrops in tantalizing locations across the globe, and The Nooky Box is launching your travels with San Francisco Nights. The collection includes such travel-sized pleasurables such as the mini-motor, butt plug and cock ring. We think this is just the beginning of your explorations with the Ooh line, which also sells individual components so that you can custom create or expand your selection.

    The Ooh line is a fresh take on the possibility for mix-n-match sex toy components, bringing affordability to the luxury of a full-spectrum sex toy selection. The most expensive part of any rumbly sexy-times plaything is the motor. With this in mind, Je Joue aims to make a more accessible toy selection by creating a line of products that share an interchangeable motor between various attachments. With four available styles of attachments and more in the works, it’s easy to see how a long-term investment in Ooh could result in an affordable, yet impressive collection.

    The motor is compatible with another Nooky Box favorite: the Mini-Pebble Vibe. Check out our blog post on that attachment here!

    The San Francisco Nights kit is an installment with the mini-motor, not be be confused with the large motor and attachment kits also available by Je Joue. The concept is the same, just travel-sized and the most popular attachments are available for both. San Francisco Nights is one of two kits presently available to accommodate the mini-motor. If the cock ring and butt plug combo isn’t entirely what you’re in the market for, Ooh has travel plans to Ibiza that might interest you…

    The Mini-Motor, like its larger counterpart, has three speeds, and two vibrational patterns that keep most folks entertained in either size. It takes a USB charge, and the power button lights up in three blinking segments until remaining solidly lit to reflect a full charge. The three power bars turn off incrementally so you don’t have to guess when it’s time to plug in. This tiny motor is meant to go as long as you do; it boasts that each hour of charge-time equates a full hour of playtime.

    Designed with awkward-reduction in mind, the motor is simple to insert and fits snugly into the attachment sleeves in either direction. You read that correctly – no more fumbling in the dark! The motor has a button on either side so no matter which direction it faces when you pop it into your selected toy the control touchpoint will be easily accessible. When the fun’s over, the motor pops out just as easily – to release push firmly on both sides – and it’s ready to transform into a new toy!

    Video courtesy of Babeland Youtube

    These toys are made to play in water. The silky-smooth silicone material sheds water droplets entirely, keeping the electronic bits safe inside. The manufacturer’s website does caution against leaving them fully submerged for too long – we aren’t sure exactly how to quantify this.

    How long is too long, Je Joue!? Two orgasms? Three? When the bathwater gets cold?

    We haven’t gotten an answer yet as to the official point-of-no-return, but multiple accounts from both Nooky Box Sex-perts and other toy reviewers across the web have left us with the impression that these pieces are definitely down for a quick dip and shower play, to say the least.

    The mini-buttplug that comes in this kit is a great size for beginners to anal play, but the powerful motor causes even the more experienced players to tremble. The vibrations with this toy are slightly more diffused than with the cock ring or pebble attachments, due to its slightly longer length; but it was more than enough to finish the job (and get overtime).

    If you are an experienced player with anal sex you might prefer a bigger toy for more prostate stimulation and more intense sensations. That being said, its unimposing size makes it a nondescript addition to luggage – which is not always the case, particularly with buttplugs. We like to think that just because you’re going somewhere doesn’t mean you can’t come too! This purple toy may quickly become your favorite travel companion.

    We’ve heard rumors in the sex-blogger world that the attachments for the large motor get weaker as they get longer – the Classic Vibe in particular has been mentioned in this regard – but those issues do not seem to be major issues to the mini-motor line. Both the attachments in San Francisco Nights and the Mini-Pebble get a stamp of approval from The Nooky Box team in terms of their buzzworthy prowess.

    The cock ring including in San Francisco Nights is similar in overall size to the Mini-Pebble vibe. These two items fit the motor the best out of the current Ooh line, so the vibrations are stronger rumbles than the same motor used in the larger (or, more specifically, longer) attachments. There is some flexibility in the silicone, but ultimately this cock ring doesn’t stretch as much as others we’ve seen. This ring is the perfect fit for some folks, but others might find it outside their ideal size range. If you’re unsure what this means for you, we are big fan’s of Lovehoney’s Cock Ring Calculator! This handy tool gives you the opportunity to have a little measuring-tape fun to find the most accurate ring size for you.

    The motor tab of this cock ring sticks out quite a bit farther than some cock ring designs. This can be a great thing, but again, make sure to consider how this toy will feel on your body. The extra reverberations are enjoyable for the wearer and for any lucky human that has the opportunity to grind against it, but the extra length could be considered bulky to some. Depends how you like to do it really; just consider the logistics before gearing up.

    Not to be limited by pesky constructs like the gender binary, this toy is also an amazing addition to harness play! Upon serious study, we found the silky silicone of this cock ring works best with dildos crafted with materials equally as smooth. Some silicone toys, particularly those fashioned to be realistic in appearance, have more friction; with these, as well as other jelly and rubber toys, it is difficult to slide on and adjust the cock ring. Once attached this powerful ring will provide an instant upgrade, turning your dildo into a vibrator for the night! The elongated motor tab did not prove to be a nuisance here, as the extra surface area was welcomed with pressure and pleasure by both parties involved.

    The San Francisco Nights Collection reminds you to get out and explore your fantasies, wherever they may take you. The Nooky Box wishes you happy travels…no matter where in the world you go, these toys are worth the trip!

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