Bijoux Tickle Me Tickler Review

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    If you’ve been following for a while, you know that we like to give the products in our Nooky boxes a little lovin’ from time to time. This week, we want to focus on some sensual, teasing ticklers by one of the best line of adult products, Bijoux Indiscrets.

    Looking at the average sexy-time arsenal, you might find a tickler in pretty much every setup (well, maybe not Christian Grey’s… but we don’t count him).

    And why is that?

    A few years ago, we can call that time “Life BT – Before Ticklers”, you would have found me completely flummoxed by the idea of a tickler. I mean, does tickling even sound sexy? Typically when I am tickled it leads to peeing my pants, but maybe that’s just me.

    However, my preconceived thoughts on sexy toys like ticklers couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

    Example time…have you seen 40 Days and 40 Nights? You know, the one where Josh Hartnett fondled Mrs. Butterworth? Ok, well fast-forward past that part in your mind. Remember when he made his girlfriend orgasm from a flower? No, not a vibrating flower.. A honest-to-goodness, from the dirt, flower. That is the power of touch.


    Ticklers bring forth the same idea. Your body is a map of hotspots that can be very responsive to a light touch. The light stroke of a soft feather moving across the sensitive skin of certain areas opens the floodgates of sensations that can lead to blissful delirium.

    Why Bijoux? Well, not only is Bijoux a company trailblazing the market of erotica, but their adult products are sophisticated and high-quality. This Barcelona-based company aims to break down the barriers in consumers’ minds with regard to designer erotic products and introduce them to a fun and sexy lifestyle where romance and a dirty mind can be one and the same.

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