The A-Spot – How to Find and Stimulate It

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    The letter A representing the A spot

    The Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, The AFE Zone, and the A-Spot are all names for a delightful little bundle of tissue located just above the cervical protrusion, at the very end of the vaginal canal. Far less popular in Western culture than its partner in pleasure, the G-Spot, the A-Spot is generally analogous to the vagina as the prostate is to the penis.

    What I mean by that is, if we look at a clitoris and a penis, they have grown from the same basic anatomy early in development (way back in utero) and provide very similar sensations at relatively identical locations.

    Additionally, whereas a penis and a prostate are best friends, so are the clitoris and the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone. The sensation felt in the A-Spot is most similar, anatomically, to that felt by the prostate. Bodies are so much more alike than a lot of people think!


    The Anterior Fornix Zone is an especially exciting bit of anatomy that—like that wonderful prostate—can produce great amounts of pleasure if stimulated to the receiver’s liking.

    The most common method of stimulation is very similar to the tried-and-true “come hither” motion that is so famously associated with the G-Spot. However—like with any sexual technique—preferences around how this body part is stimulated differ from person to person, so it’s best to communicate likes and dislikes both beforehand and during experimentation.

    Finding the A-Spot

    A great way to get a handle on where exactly this fine piece of vaginal real estate resides is to be able to identify the cervix. It’s a somewhat soft, doughnut-shaped circle of tissue at the very farthest-inward point of the vagina, sort of like a little cap on the end of the canal.

    If you’re not sure what exactly a cervix looks like, it’s a good idea to head over to The Beautiful Cervix Project, which can show you examples of cervixes as well as provide spot-on directions regarding how to see yours or your partner’s.

    While you won’t be looking at anyone’s cervix while finding the A-Spot, knowing where exactly it is and what it looks like can help you create a mental map of the area you’re navigating. Once you can identify the cervix, finding the A spot will be pretty simple.

    Reaching back toward the cervical protrusion, angle fingers or a toy toward the belly button slightly, directly upward from the cervical opening. If at any time you feel the fingers, penis, or toy “pop,” you’ve likely passed the cervix and reached the posterior fornix, a bit farther back.

    There should be a little bit of squishy give as your press into the A spot, and once stimulation has begun, lubrication will follow.

    Stimulating the A-Spot

    An interesting bonus to A-spot stimulation is that even folks who don’t routinely get wet—such as people going through menopause or hormone-related dryness—may find that lubrication comes easily with this type of sensation.

    I have yet to hear of a reputable source for validation, but I’ve heard a rumor that if their A-Spot is stimulated regularly, people who’ve experienced a loss of wetness can achieve more balanced levels of lubrication. I mean, what could it hurt to try?

    Well, it could actually stimulate the cervix in an unpleasant way; in some people, cervical stimulation can feel uncomfortable or even painful, and since it is located so close to the A spot, this can lead to less-than-pleasant sensations. If you know that the cervix in question is a particularly sensitive one, proceed with caution, and avoid stimulation anywhere near menstruation, as vaginas tend to experience heightened sensation while the red tide is in.

    A good way to attempt A-spot stimulation for our more delicate-cervix-bearing friends is to provide a nice, long warm-up! Tons of clit stimulation can help deliver more pleasurable sensations to the pressure-sensitive A-Spot zone—besides, for a lot of bodies, more clit stimulation is always appreciated!

    Something to note about the discomfort that could potentially occur is that it will be quite unlike that which is experienced with G-Spot stimulation. Instead of that almost-burning sensation of needing to pee, since the A spot is not located beside the urethra, it will more likely be the same (or a similar) ache that is experienced with too much cervical pressure.

    As always, communication is your best friend when it comes to sex. Talk to your partner before, during, and after to ensure a good time for all!

    Positions Recommended for A-Spot Pleasure

    The Bow

    In The Bow the partner being penetrated is on the bottom, lying on their side, and the person penetrating is straddling their bottom thigh between the legs.

    This position allows the pelvis to tilt in a way that is a bit different from doggy style, and can actually feel more comfortable for some folks who experience that sensitive-cervix phenomenon. It’s a deeply penetrative position, and that’s what’s required to reach the A-Spot.

    Another excellent position to try out is The Slope.

    The Slope

    In this position, the person being penetrated lies back and pulls their knees up toward their chest, with their feet resting on their partner’s chest. This allows for deeper penetration, as the pelvis is tilted back and the butt cheeks spread—if you’ve got a lot of booty, this position can add some serious depth.

    Since the A-Spot is slightly above the cervix, it may be easier to reach at a slight angle in this position, so experiment with lying flat and also lifting the hips with positioning pillows such as the Liberator Wedge.

    If you can’t find your A-Spot, try using a toy.

    We recommend the PicoBong Moka g-Vibe, as the curved head can help to find that deep spot and the vibration can sound the alarms once you get there.

    Like with everything else that’s sexy, experimentation will lead to fabulous things. Get comfortable, throw your legs up, and don’t forget the lube!

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