Überlube – Why It’s One of Our Favorite Lubes for Sex and Much More

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    Überlube is Minimalism taken to its most erotic conclusion. Its creators designed the four-ingredient formula to help you pare down the clutter of your bathroom counter exclusively to this one item. A slender glass vial of fantasy fulfillment that also serves as a skin and hair product!

    We don’t mean to bury the lead here. Überlube’s holistic body and haircare uses are varied, but let’s be clear about one thing: it’s designed to make sex feel amazing in all the ways.

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    Hey Hot Stuff,

    Überlube normally retails for $14 USD. For only $79 you can order a whole Nooky Box that includes a Vesper Crave vibrating necklace, bangle cuffs, sex notes, and more. See what else you get.


    Imagine that your day begins (at least in your fantasies) with bodies blurred by foggy glass, slippery fingers and hot spray. Designed for play in water, überlube remains slick as the rivulets cascade down you and your playmates’ entangled limbs in this steamy shower scene.

    The bathroom acoustics are ideal, allowing your partner’s moans of appreciation to fully resonate in your ears. Possibly your neighbor’s ears too. It’s the perfect – albeit scandalous – addition to your morning routine.

    You’ll have to hide your smirk when coworkers ask what products you use to give your hair such luxurious shine.

    Showering alone these days?

    That’s no problem, überlube will always be by your side; and it stays active as long as you do, evaporating away only once the friction stops.

    After your breakfast of champions, perhaps you have ambitions of pushing your body to the max by running a marathon? When you bring this fantasy to fruition, überlube wants to be between your legs the entire time – to prevent chafing, of course!

    Think about the crowd of bodies; all throbbing with hot blood, sweat and the hormonal cocktail of a runner’s high…sounds like the perfect start for an orgy.

    Since this sexual collaboration will manifest post-athletic achievement, get it on in a room with a mirror so you can appreciate each other’s physical prowess.

    After the fun’s over, you’ll want to give your leg muscles a post-workout-and-sexcapade massage. The pump bottle dispenses the perfect amount each time, and you can use it as a base to add scented essential oils when massaging.

    Helpful reminder for aromatherapy enthusiasts: unscented is what you want during sexy times; do not put patchouli on your sensitive bits!

    For the even more extreme athletes, amp up your vision to a triathalon. Water-friendly überlube protects your skin, hair and cuticles from everything but the sharks as you tread the waves.

    *Note: Überlube’s protective attributes have not been shown to successfully ward off ocean predators during initial product trials.

    Or maybe just use it for sex. The hair shimmering, skin glistening, no-chafing sex you’ve been dreaming about.

    We love überlube so much that we’ve included it as a signature product in this quarter’s Nooky Box so you can try it for yourself.

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