Tips for Giving (And Getting!) Excellent Head

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    Couple in bed holding hands passionately

    Many of the articles you can find on how to provide your partner amazing pleasure with outstanding oral skills are filtered through the male gaze. We’ve all seen dozens of pieces about blowjobs, but where’s the fun in excluding half of all the most sensitive bits?

    And what about tips to make the receiving end even sweeter?

    Give ’Em Something to Talk About

    The first tip I have in terms of any and all sexual adventure is to communicate clearly and frequently. Whether you’re on the giving or the receiving end, talk to your partner(s) about what you want to do and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

    Does going down on their vulva turn you on, but you don’t really enjoy thrusting your tongue inside vaginas? Tell them about your feelings so you can figure out what works. Perhaps using fingers or the iScream dildo in this quarter’s Nooky Box will satisfy their desire while your tongue works magic on their clit.
    If you feel like the only way to give a good blowie is to suck as long and hard as possible, you might be under a misconception. Here’s where communication comes in, yet again. By simply asking what your partner enjoys, or asking them to give you feedback as you go, you’ll learn about their personal preferences. Some penises respond well to super-intense sucking, but some prefer gentler licks. If they love being deep-throated and you just aren’t up to it, try using the Fleshlight Quickshot included in this quarter’s Nooky Box to simulate the feeling of complete penetration while using your tongue to tease their tip.

    Ask your receiver what they like, and tell them what you love to do. Everyone is sure to have an amazing time if you’re giving and getting what brings you and your partner(s) the most pleasure.

    Baby Got Back

    For extra-thrilling oral on anyone, the receiver can wear a butt plug (the PicoBong Tano is a favorite of ours, and it even vibrates!), which can take the intensity of any session from nice to holy mother of all that is good! Make sure to check in regularly, as anal play can be significantly more edgy and sensitive for plenty of folks. Remember to communicate!

    Talkin’ ’Bout Good Vibrations

    The person going downtown can also press a vibrator like the Moka G by PicoBong onto the side of their cheek to add some extra buzz on any bits being stimulated. If the tingle is too much for your face to bear, vaginas and perineums alike often enjoy the sensation of a vibe pressed into them!

    I Am He As You Are [She] As You Are Me And We Are All Together

    Clits and cocks are somewhat alike in their setups, so one of the most useful tips I’ve ever heard about giving good head is to imagine you’re on the receiving end—no matter which parts you and your lover(s) have, you can come to a pretty good understanding with a little imagination. Do you like when all of the attention is focused completely on the tip or the shaft, or do you prefer a nice mix of it all? Do you like someone to give your junk a cold start or do you prefer a warm-up?
    (Hint: Almost everyone likes to ease into action!)

    If You Like My Body and You Think I’m Sexy C’mon Baby Let Me Know

    If you’re on the receiving end of some less-than-stellar cunnilingus or fellatio, you might be struck with fear that you’ll turn off your partner by directing them, but the truth is they’ll probably feel more confident performing when they know what you’re into. There’s a big difference between a monotone voice saying “NOPE” and your gentle guidance telling them, “Ooh, can you switch back to the way you were doing it before, when you had your lips pressed into my pussy?” Just hearing you say those delicious words will probably help them get even more into what they’re doing!

    Of course, if they’re already doing the right thing, a simple, “Just like that!” goes a very long way.

    You Taste So Bitter but You Taste So Sweet, Oh I Could Drink a Case of You

    An incredibly common concern I’ve heard from folks is that their genitals might taste bad. In all honesty, genitals are always going to taste like genitals. Some of them are more acidic, some are saltier, and none of them will ever taste like pineapple. While it’s true that drinking pineapple juice can help alleviate a bit of the acidic or bitter flavors, pussy always tastes like pussy, and dick always tastes like dick. Aside from bathing, this professional recommends you let your bits be themselves! Wash with warm water only and leave those totally perfect, natural crotches alone. Your babe is not expecting you to taste like roses or grape jelly or anything other than your yummy self, so relax and enjoy them enjoying you and your taste.

    You Go Ahead, Let Your Hair Down

    If you’re worried about stray hairs getting in your sweetie’s mouth (resulting in the oh-so-sexy finger-in-mouth, pubic-hair-retrieval maneuver), a simple tug at your bush will catch any loose and wily ones so you can rest assured that nothing will interrupt the fun. It’s an easy way to gain peace of mind while also being courteous to the wonderful person who is putting your bits in their mouth.

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