Fin Finger Vibrator Review

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    Sex Robots FTW

    In a market full of sex toys designed for vaginas, there’s a shocking lack of toys that were designed by women. Dame Products is aiming to change all of that. The two founders have an eclectic background that includes clinical psychology, sexual health, and mechanical engineering.

    Clearly someone on staff has taken a class on ergonomics because their toys are intuitively designed to work in tandem with your body with as little attention as possible – so that your mind can focus on you or your partner’s pleasure.

    This Nooky blogger’s typing fingers have tried to make acquaintance with many ring-style or digitally attached vibes in the past, but those encounters have (sadly) fallen remarkably flat. That is, until the introduction to The Fin.

    Orgasms In Hand

    This toy’s designers took their time creating a quality product, and the Dame Products blog features a behind the scenes look on the various prototype models that came before the final version.

    They sought the advice of their many lucky product testers to fine-tune its shape and features before settling on the best version for every age and body-type. They even made sure their product felt intuitive for both left and right handed folks.

    Their work definitely paid off. The Fin fits nicely between your fingers, making it easy to hold but hard to forget. It’s not a toy that requires a great deal of attention or direction; you move your hands where you would want to anyway, it just feels SO. MUCH. BETTER.

    The dual sensation from the vibrations channeled through the flat, squishy silicone base and the firmer top provide variability in experience depending on how (or where) you use the toy.

    The motor (which we think looks like a tiny robotic shark fin when exposed) delivers three buzzing intensities, controlled by a single button. The tether can be removed so the device is only held between your fingers, which makes it easy to use and then put down when moving on to other activities.

    While the tether is optional, we do recommend using it for penetrative play as The Fin could potentially slip from your grasp in wetter environments.

    Elsewhere and After

    Take your digits for a stroll anywhere on your body that could use a little extra love. The lower intensities can be particularly wonderful on nipples or other (sometimes overlooked!) erogenous zones. This toy works well for couples; make sure both you and your partner have ample opportunities to explore all its potential.

    Warm water and your favorite toy cleaner are ideal for after use. The tether is easy to detach, which makes cleaning simple for this small device. The toy is water-resistant only and NOT to be submerged or exposed to water in excess.

    The body-safe silicone is compatible with water-based lubricants only and is safe to use with latex condoms and/or other silicone toys.

    After Eva (Or, The Beginning of Dame Products)

    The Fin is the second toy from Dame products, after their first toy, Eva, was launched via a successful crowdfunding campaign.

    The Eva is a hands-free clit vibe meant for use by couples during penetrative sex. The Eva is a tough act to follow, but we think The Fin holds as much potential as its predecessor.

    Dame Products was founded by two women and utilizes a community of enthusiastic product testers to collect feedback and constantly improve their ideas and designs.

    Both founders come from science backgrounds, and they work hard to eliminate the chatter that surrounds many products in the industry and focus instead on the best scientific knowledge surrounding the complexities of the female sexual experience. They take seriously their mission to “make the world a happier place, one vagina at a time.”

    We’re with you all the way.

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