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Putting Systems In Place: SystemJO & Our Campaign

The folks at SystemJO have been AMAZING sponsors for the crowdfunding launch of our Signature Box Line! Donate to our Indiegogo Campaign for the Nooky Signature Line and learn about all the SystemJO products headed your way!

Time to get systems in place. When the door to a great sexual experience is opened, you don’t want anything to hold you back.

SystemJO products service your body’s needs; before, during and after the act. Their products ensure that your body is primed to receive pleasure so that you can focus on enjoying yourself. There are SEVEN amazing SystemJO products in our Signature Box collections, each with a different purpose and intent but all worth exploring!

Intimate Sprays and Feminine Mystiques

The SystemJO Naturalove Organic Feminine Spray is travel-ready in its spray-bottle; and that’s a great thing, because this a product you will want to take with you any and every where!

Made for all bodies or any age, this holistic product is manufactured with 95% organic ingredients. The natural body-spray is perfect for anywhere on your body that needs a little extra love, but is specifically engineered to be gentle enough for even your most intimate areas.

The “Berry” flavor is a combination of blueberry fragrance with hints of chamomile, citrus and rosemary essences. When life has you sweating, this Feminine Mist is the answer to your woes; use after a workout, a long day or to help you recover from any nervous anxiety that the world may have thrown your way. Use before or after sexual play to feel fresh and confident in your (healthy!) skin.

While the JO Feminine Mist is a solution for the needs of most female bodies, the folks at SystemJO know that bodies (and their needs) change over time. The SystemJO For Her, Cooling Mist is specifically designed for the changing desires of more mature – and obviously wiser – bodies and their needs.

Specifically designed to instantly eliminate hot flashes, this botanically-infused formula gives you relief in the moment you need it most and is free of hormones, glycerin and parabens. Lightly scented with menthol and whispers of peppermint essential oil, the Cooling Mist seeks to take the heat away from life’s constant changes.

A Little Goes A Long Way

You’ve got ambitions? The SystemJO Prolonger Spray For Him gives you the stamina to make the night last. This desensitizing formula is powerful and fast-acting; just a small amount applied to your penis will begin to immediately delay the onset of ejaculation.

The formula is glycerin free and safe to use with condoms. This tiny bottle holds big surprises for the night ahead. Be your best self, for longer.

On the other hand, if you want to intensify your body’s sensations the SystemJO Nipple Titillator Arousal Gel is here to deliver erotic tingles any and everywhere that you desire.

The trio of cooling agents – peppermint, menthol and vanillyl butyl ether – blend perfectly and provide a delightful range of sensations.

Sweetened to taste as delicious as it feels, the Titillator Gel comes in Winter Blitz and Electric Strawberry. Designed with nipples in mind, this water-based formula is safe for use anywhere if your imagination takes your tongue wandering.

Skin to Skin

The SystemJO line has more than a few options for water-based lubricants. In the Nooky Signature Line we hand-picked two of our favorites. Both are water-based lubes which means these gentle formulas are safe to use with condoms and all your new Nooky Box sex toys!

SystemJO prioritizes your body’s health, and are constantly seeking to improve their product line to keep current with new information and satisfy their ingredient-driven customers. They’ve recently improved their recipe and technique to bring you a reboot of one of their favorite staples: SystemJO Agapé.

This is a new-and-improved formula for Agapé that’s water-based and completely free of glycerin, paraben and propylene glycol. It’s designed to mirror the feel of your body’s natural lubricant and will bring a silky satisfaction to all your time spent between the sheets.

Of course, there are other ways to enter pleasurable states. The SystemJO Anal H20 formula merges the versatility and safety of water-based lubes with the long-lasting buttery-smooth sensations of oil-based recipes.

It is thickened with 100% plant-based glycerin to give it the extra viscosity and staying power you need to explore the orgasmic potential of anal play.

Gentle reminder, the glycerin in this recipe is not happy-vagina compatible, so take care to use SystemJO AnalH20 in the place it’s intended.

Aftercare (For You and Your Toys)

Basking in the afterglow of your orgasm(s) is a space free from worry or obligations – cleaning up your sex toys in the aftermath of bliss should be as easy and friction-free as the rest of your sexual play!

SystemJO Refreshing Toy Cleaner is a big win in small packaging. Small enough to take with you, this powerful foam cleanser sanitizes and eliminates pathogens that could potentially lead to an infection. Pump a small amount of the foam onto your toy and make sure they are fully covered; allow to sit for up to 10 seconds before rinsing again. That’s it! You’re ready for action all over again.

The Nooky Box & SystemJO Love Story

It’s probably obvious by now, but we have a bit of a crush on the SystemJO lineup.

It’s been a great experience getting introduced to such a great variety of products from a company that shares our values of prioritizing sexual health and pleasure for all bodies.

SystemJO has been an amazing sponsor on our crowdfunding journey to launch our Nooky Box Signature Line. Many of our Signature Boxes are stocked with SystemJO pleasure tools that help unleash orgasms you didn’t know your body was hiding.

Donate NOW to support our Indiegogo Signature Box Campaign; and find out which SystemJO product comes with your Signature fantasy!