Sylk Personal Lube Review

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    The Sylk experience is unique, from its start to your finish. It is the only botanically-based personal lubricant available made with kiwi vine extract.

    In fact, the factory that produces it is the only one of its kind in the world.

    While kiwis may conjure imagery of sticky green fruit, the Sylk experience is far from that. The material synthesized from the vine is full of polysaccharides that give Sylk its natural, film-like viscosity without being sticky or tacky.

    It mimics the female body’s natural lubrication, which is why it’s ideal for play; but it also supports healthy pH balance and healthy skin in your sensitive regions and can be used as part of your daily body-care routine.

    The water-based formula is safe for play with all latex condoms and the most sex toys. The added viscosity of its proprietary formula makes the lube last longer than many other of its water-based competitors; which means you can glide longer and further into pleasure before re-applying.

    Doctors Dig It

    Sylk has been used and recommended by gynecologists and other healthcare professionals for over 30 years. Those folks make vaginas their business, literally, so it’s worth considering the wide-spread approval of Sylk in the medical community.

    Over generations, Sylk has built trust with the Australian and New Zealand markets where it originated, but it’s been welcomed with open arms more recently on the international market for sexual health products as well.

    In the UK, for instance, Sylk is the only personal lubricant that is NHS approved – meaning that anyone over the age of 60 can get Sylk on prescription from their doctor. In the US, the FDA has approved Sylk as a 510(k) Cleared as a Class II Medical Device and is widely used and recommended by professionals.

    If that’s all a little too clinical to put you in the mood, remember that Sylk also comes recommended by regular folks having mindblowing-not-at-all-regular orgasms too.

    It might be great in sanitized healthcare settings, but don’t let that fool you; this lube can get down in manifesting the dirtiest of your fantasies.

    Support Our Mission For Better Sex!

    At the end of the day, the most important thing to watch out for when shopping for personal lubricants is the ingredient list. No matter what you select, remember that these products are going inside either your body or the body of someone you love; and that the skin on your intimate areas is quite permeable.

    Ensuring that these products are free of toxic chemicals, parabens, hormones and dyes is critical to your long-term sexual health and safety.

    Sylk, along with other Nooky-approved lube brands, are vetting and vouched for by sex educators, healthcare professionals and loyal customers so that you can be confident that all your Nooky Box purchases will safely make your body drip with lush vitality.


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