Introducing The Signature Travel Box

The Nooky Box is thrilled to introduce this travel-themed sex kit with everything you need to satisfy your most exotic wander-lusting fantasies.

Whether you intend to journey by rail, road or sky, The Signature Travel Box gives you the tools you need to hit the ground running with your favorite toys and sexy-time accessories in any geographic location.

Let’s Take This Show On The Road

Some consider travel itself to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. The break from routine and introduction to new experiences can instigate sexual discoveries or reignite a neglected flame between you and your love. We’re sure you have plenty of your own ideas on how to make best use of your vacation time, but if you get stuck for inspiration this box has you covered.

Naked Play Dice by Lust is the travel game every Sexplorer needs to keep things interesting back at the hotel. The Play Dice are a significant improvement from the average fuzzy rearview mirror variety – every roll will have your fingers (or other bits) trekking across the intimate geographies of your play partner in no time!


Size matters! Especially when you’re consolidating to a single bag or headed towards airport security. The Signature Travel Box has a micro-sized version of your favorite line-up of products so you won’t feel homesick for your bedroom amenities. The Vespa Toy Bag is the perfect size to discreetly hold your smaller items.

Since we’re hooking you up with an incredible vibrator in this collection – and we’re pretty sure you’ve got a few other favorite toys that would make good travel companions – this box also includes a bottle of SystemJo’s Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner.

SystemJo is a great brand that prioritizes a formula designed to be gentle on your body and extend the lifetime of your favorite intimate possessions. This cleaner is fast-acting and leaves no residue – just coat the item in a layer of foam and allow to sit for ten seconds before rinsing away. Easily applied, the foam leaves no residue; your toys will be ready to pack away or play again in no time! Read more about why we love SystemJo!

Travel Advisory Warning

You may like to travel, but let’s be real: your microbiome probably doesn’t. Disrupted routines, new foods and altered sleep patterns can be exciting (or exhausting) changes. If travel throws your body out of balance, you may be more susceptible to yeast infections or other discomforts which, although mild, can dampen the mood of your vacation.

The Nooky Box wants you to feel amazing in your own skin, and we don’t think that has to stop when your globetrotting begins. That’s why the Signature Travel Box includes a sample pack of Biddette Wipes. As the “Before & After” slogan implies, these individually packaged wipes are designed to be a convenient and hygienic option whenever you need to freshen up. These wipes are lightly scented with Sandalwood and Geranium, and made with body-safe products designed to keep your pH* right where it needs to be for your microbial communities to thrive.

If you didn’t know already, that’s a pH of approximately 4 – a lightly acidic environment promotes growth of healthy bacteria (lactobacilli) and suppresses the development of unfavorable microbes that could result in odor, irritation or infection.

If the Biddettes are your go-to solution before and after your sexcapades, then Hallelubeyah is definitely your solution for during the deed. This lube is a plant-based formula that’s organic and free of all sorts of unfriendly ingredients such as glycerin, parabens, and fragrances.

Hallelubeyah is such an all-around win for vaginas everywhere that we’ve also included it in both the G-Spot Signature and Lube Signature Boxes!

It’s toy and latex-condom safe, includes aloe vera to sooth your skin, and its ingredient list also helps maintain your ideal pH and prevent yeast infections. It’s a great lube that your body will thank you for using!

You’ll Be Singing (In The Rain If You Prefer)

We’ve had nothing but good experiences with Crave products in the past, but the Duet takes our brand loyalty to a whole new level. This vibe is included in the Signature Travel Box because it is small, easily chargeable and almost entirely silent. That being said, this is not just a travel novelty; this toy is a powerhouse that we expect will soon become one of your favorites for at-home use.

The Crave Duet Vibrator is water-safe and submersible up to 100ft, perfect for your next horny scuba diving adventure! Or the beach, shower or tropical rain storm if you prefer to stay at sea-level. It’s small, unimposing design makes it easy to take with you; and it’s all-but-silent rumbles make it a potential for play in less-than-private spaces.

This vibe has two prongs, each with its own motor, and a variety of vibration intensities and patterns. Each edge and side vibrates in a slightly different manner, providing the user a range of sensations from every angle.

There’s so much more we could say about this clever little contraption, so check out our in-depth review on the Crave Duet Vibrator to learn more. It’s the perfect vibrator for all your travel adventures.

American Hot Wax

Massages are a great way to connect with your play-partner and create intimacy while removing the layer of stress that the logistics of travel can bring.

The Travel Box includes massage oil samples, but the real delight in this Signature Box is Bijoux’s Sensations Massage Candle. Although it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this candle will keep the flame burning all night long.

The vegetable-oil based candle is solid at room temperature so there’s no potential for spilling massage oil in your luggage! Once you’re safe and unpacked in your destination, you’ll only need to light the candle and wait a few moments for it to melt into a luxuriously warm massage oil ready to be drizzled along your most favorite intimate curves.

The Road Less Traveled

There are plenty of exciting journeys ahead of you, and you don’t have to leave behind the luxuries of home-life to chase your dreams! The Nooky Box’s Signature Travel Collection has everything you need to travel anywhere and achieve pleasure everywhere. All you have to do is pick the destination.


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