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Introducing The Signature Menopause Box

Change Is The Only Constant

The Signature Menopause Box is brimming with sexy products and fun surprises to help you feel at home in your mature skin. Sex is a healthy part of the full life cycle, and your Golden Years can be some of the best for erotic playfulness.

With products designed to restore and enhance the sensual nature of your body, we’re not alone in thinking that this could be the dawn of a new era of amazing encounters.

Plants: Nature’s Mad Scientists

The end of one journey opens the door to the next. When your body has, at long last, distributed its finite number of eggs, your hormonal systems begin to change course and priorities. Key hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone decrease in production and your body establishes a new chemical equilibrium. It may not feel like “equilibrium” when it’s all going down, though; oftentimes women experience a range of symptoms during their premenopausal years or during the change itself.

Chemistry is everything (literally!) when it comes to our body’s internal workings. The decrease in estrogen, specifically, can cause issues with your body’s lubrication systems. Less estrogen means less wetness all around, and less blood-flow and possibly decreased sensation to the region. This Signature Menopause Box has an armoury of nature-based chemistry tools to help you adjust to these changes.

Pandora’s Pops are one of our favorite tongue-teasing aphrodisiacs. They’ve made guest appearances in our subscription boxes before, and we’re bringing them back! Filled with all natural sweeteners and a variety of herbal combinations, these sexy candies will get you in the mood in no time. Herbs like damiana have long been known to increase blood-flow and sensitivity to the abdominal region and the combination of soothing and uplifting plant-allies increase libido and lift your body to new sensual heights.

We included Pandora’s Pops in our Sex is Healthy edition of the subscription Nooky Box. Check out our review on this company and their range of seductive candies.

On the herbal front, nature has a lot to offer the feminine reproductive system throughout your lifetime. Raspberry leaves have been used by generations of herbal healers to treat an array of symptoms including irregular menstrual cycles, cramping, and heavy flow during menopause. This Signature Box includes several sachets of Yogi: Women’s Raspberry Leaf Tea to help you solidify your friendship with this potent plant-ally.

Hot flashes? SystemJO: For Her, Cooling Mist is here to save the day and restore balance to your body. Always emphasizing gentle formulas in their products, SystemJO utilizes natural botanical essential oils when possible and avoids unnecessary or harmful chemicals.

The For Her, Cooling Mist comes in a travel-ready spray bottle, and is 100% free of glycol or hormones. Spray directly onto your chest, the back of your neck or wherever you feel your hot flashes the most; the relief is immediate with this fast-acting mist.

Get Wet. Again and Again.

The Waterslyde is unique – and this is coming from a group of folks who spend our work weeks exploring sexy-times accessories! It’s inventor, Maureen Pollack, is proud to bring this elegant solution to bath time pleasure. She knew she had a hit when all twenty members of her first product testing group refused to give the product back!

The traditional “bathtub technique” of allowing a warm flow of water to pour directly from the faucet onto your body requires some, shall we say, awkward positioning. No longer! Lie back and relax in comfort while the Waterslyde delivers a waterfall directly where you want it the most.

The Waterslyde is a particularly ingenious solution for postmenopausal women who experience increased vaginal dryness during their sexual experiences. The Waterslyde gently stimulates and promotes an increase in your body’s natural lubrication.

Maureen has been a big collaborator with us for our Signature Box campaign. To find out more about her journey inventing the Waterslyde, check out our partnership blog post!

Lube It Up

Intimate moisturizers are key to eliminating any discomfort that may be inhibiting your sex life. We can’t stress enough how a good lube – and proper application – will make all the difference between an amazing sexual experience and a painful one. Gentle, long-lasting water-based formulas are definitely the way to go.

Sylk is a personal moisturizer and lubricant that’s FDA approved for medical applications, and has a long-standing reputation with gynecological healthcare professionals. With solid support from the medical establishment behind them, the Sylk brand is turning their focus on getting their product directly to the consumers that need it most!

Sylk is safe to use in daily applications, both during sex and as a personal moisturizing product to heal and protect sensitive skin. It’s water-based formula makes it safe to use with silicone toys and condoms. Pregnancy might no longer be something to worry about, but unfortunately you aren’t out of the woods in terms of STI transmission. If your partner is someone you’ve establish a fluid-bond of trust with over the years, that’s one thing; but seniors who are dating new partners should make use of barrier methods – generously coated with Sylk, of course!

The folks at Sylk have been a great partners with The Nooky Box, and we’re excited to introduce their product to our community! Read more about Sylk and their partnership with our Signature Box campaign launch.

Next up, Chiavare Oil is luxury in a bottle; and the Signature Menopause Box is making sure you have a bottle of your very own. This is an oil-based product (made from combination of several organic vegetable oils) that’s great for your skin, but less so for other sexy-times products. Be careful to never use Chiavare Oil with latex-condoms or silicone sex toys. Of course, the long-lasting and water resistant qualities of this oil make it a perfect pairing for pleasurable encounters with non-silicone toys like the Waterslyde included in this Signature Box!

It’s vegetable oils soothe damaged tissue and are safe for daily use as a personal moisturizing product. For folks experiencing consistent issues with dryness or irritation, Chiavare recommends applying twice daily. And of course again during any sexual play.

Lubes are all well and good, but they aren’t useful if you can’t get them where you need them most! Post-menopausal women often experience internal dryness, which can make penetrative sex uncomfortable if not outright painful.

Lube Shooters to the rescue! The Signature Menopause Box includes a trio of lube shooters ready to be loaded with your favorite personal moisturizing product. Easy to fill and inject, these disposable tubes squirt lubricant to your hard-to-reach areas so that you can have a smooth and enjoyable ride all the way to orgasm.

Use It or Lose It

Exercising your pelvic-muscles is more important than ever during your post-menopausal years. The LELO Luna Beads Classic are included in the Signature Menopause Box to help you exercise in classic style, and feel amazing while doing it.

Harness the strength from within by incorporating these pleasurable pearls into your daily routine. They can be worn before (or during, definitely try during) sexual encounters; but don’t limit the use of these beads to just sexytimes!

Wearing throughout your day can help increase your muscle strength and awareness, as well as provide tingly affirmations every time you throw some kegel reps in. Gentle squeezing and controlled release are the keys to internal muscle-toning.

Your later years are shaping up to bring a golden era of intense orgasms! Don’t let the opportunities for play pass you by.


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