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Introducing The Signature Lube Box

Lube: Use More of It

In a world full of intersectional spectrums and identity continuums, there are few rules about sex that apply to all folks across the board. That being said, The Nooky Box philosophy on lube is about as close as you can get to a sexual universal truth. When it comes to sexual lubricant, our advice is simple: use it. Use a lot of it, and put it on all the parts involved.

The Signature Lube Box is here to help you do just that, and you won’t regret it. Elimination of unnecessary friction can make sex more enjoyable whether you’re alone or with a partner. Not only does it feel better during the act, but helps maintain good sexual health generally by decreasing chances of tissue tears or infection, and can significantly lower the risk of condom breakage.

There’s a whole world of lubes to choose from and knowing which one is right for you has a lot to do with what types of sex you prefer. The Signature Lube Box has a wide array of our favorite brands to choose from and we’re here to help demystify the process of selecting which products would be the best fit for your sex life.

Water & Oil Don’t Mix

The majority of sexual lubricants fall into three main categories: water-based, oil-based and silicone-based formulas. Each has its own perks and place in the sexual world, but be careful to choose the one that is appropriate to your preferred activities and sexual context.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for protecting your body, so be aware of the factors that come into play. Some lubes can cause adverse reactions with the latex, silicone and other materials used in the manufacture of condoms and many sex toys. Always be sure you know what your toys are made from; and take care to purchase from suppliers that offer toys in high grade, body-safe materials.

Water-based lubes are the most versatile products out there in terms of their compatibility with other sex-related products. Often a combination of water and botanical or synthetic materials, these lubricants do not degrade latex or silicone in any way. Many water-based are formulas synthesized from natural products and gentle botanical essences which make them gentle on the sensitive skin of intimate areas.

Sylk is a long-lasting personal moisturizer and water-based lubricant that’s FDA approved for medical applications. Regularly recommended by gynecologists, Sylk is safe to use in daily applications both during sex and as a personal moisturizing product to heal and protect sensitive skin.

Nooky-approved brands like Hallelubeyah, Good Clean Love, Sylk, and Sliquid are crafted by women who are passionate about developing products that are safe and pleasurable for consistent use by sexually empowered women.

Water-based formulas do disappear faster than other lubes so reapplication may be necessary. However, the flip side to this is that clean-up is often significantly easier. New improvements in technology have seen the introduction of thicker and longer lasting water-based lubricants such as Sliquid Sassy, which is thickened with additional plant cellulose for a luxurious sexual experience. This additional viscosity makes Sliquid Sassy a great water-based option for anal sex.

If you favor sex toys in your play (and if you’re a Nooky Box customer, we know you do) water-based lubes are probably the way to go. Metal and glass toys can be used with other lubricants, but the overwhelming majority of sex toys are made with body-safe silicone – so investing in water-based lube brands is a safe bet to get the most out of your toy collection.

Water-based and silicone-based lubes are the only formulas safe to use with latex condoms. Safe sex practices are of the utmost importance when having a good consensual time, and so a lube that does not deteriorate the latex and risk breaking is critical. Water-based formulas can be more gentle on the vaginal microbiome than silicone; so if vaginas are the intended destination for your condom-clad member, it would be polite to go with the water-based variety.

Silicone-based lubes have a consistency that can be similar to oil based lubricants, and in many ways these two types are quite similar. They are also longer lasting than water-based formulas and require more work during cleanup.

On the plus-side, the resilience of silicone makes it a good solution for sexy-times in water scenes. The shower, the pool, or the beach could all be on the table now. The Signature Lube Box includes a bottle of Überlube, which is the only silicone option in the array – it’s just that good.

Learn more about the aquatic potential of Überlube and other silicone formulas!

Silicone lubes are compatible with latex condoms – as we’ll go over later, oil-based lubes are not. As result, silicone formulas are considered a great option for safe anal play.

Oil-based lubes includes those made from vegetable, animal and mineral oils. The internet abounds with DIY Whipped Coconut Oil lube, for example, that is reported to possess super-lube qualities.

We don’t necessarily disagree. There is a certain logic to sticking with simple, natural ingredients like a plant oil rather than complex chemical materials concocted in a lab. Fats like butter, olive and coconut oils have long been known to have health benefits, particularly for skin health.

Oil-based lubes have been around the longest, and are probably the most accessible and intuitive for some folks. Unfortunately, these formulas are shown to degrade both silicone and latex materials. That makes oils a no-go for both silicone sex toys and latex condoms. The Nooky recommendation is that these lubes should only be used with fluid-bonded partners and only with glass or metallic toys.

Keeping It Slick: The Ways & Means

Internal dryness is an issue that affects many women and can have a detrimental impact on their pleasure. We speak to this in our Signature Menopause Box with the Lube Shooter 3-pack.

The Signature Menopause Box is envisioned to serve a need with postmenopausal women, but internal vaginal dryness can impact any vagina based on other environmental and health factors. Certain medications, pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations all influence your body’s natural lubrication systems.

The lube shooter is a simple, straightforward solution to this issue. It’s easy-to-insert injector delivers your favorite lube to where you need it most. This package comes with three applicators, as they are meant to be used only one time each.

Lube shooters are compatible with any type of sex-safe lubricant, so pick your favorite from the Signature Lube Box and give it a shot!

Protect Yourself, And Your pH

There is an enormous range of quality in the sexual lubricants available on the market. This is something that will likely go inside either yourself or someone you care about, so do your research to make sure you understand the ingredient list.

Parabens, glycerin and flavorings that could contain sugars are all things to watch for, as are dyes and many synthetic fragrances. Any and all of these things can throw off equilibrium for a healthy vagina and make it more susceptible to BV or yeast infections.

A relatively new wave of lubricants and ‘personal moisturizer’ solutions have become available recently in a fantastic cultural shift. Powered predominantly by female entrepreneurs, products like Hallelubeyah and SystemJO Agapé offer a water-based formula that is designed to support healthy bacterial growth and promote healthy (and happy vaginas) for everyone.

Both Hallelubeyah and SystemJO Agapé are featured in the Signature Lube Box. SystemJO Agapé is another great product from a company we love to work with; they’re passionate about women’s health and it shows. Agapé works to soothe irritation and dryness and is gentle enough for everyday use. It feels like your body’s natural wetness, and is a fun and organic lube for sex.

Hallelubeyah is focused on the maintenance of a healthy vaginal pH (That’s a pH between 3.8 – 4.5; but you knew that, right?) so that your body can care for itself and ward off infection and irritation. This is such a great item we’ve included it not only in the Lube Box, but also the Travel Box, and Signature Menopause Box!


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