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Introducing The Signature Kink Box

Vanilla Is Just One (Of Many) Flavors

Ready to get kinky? Not sure what that even means? The Signature Kink Box is here to knock down the mental (or literal) door to your dungeon and shed some light on the interconnected pathways of pain, pleasure and control.

This Signature Box provides a little insight and some foundational tools for kinky play, but the possibilities are endless. If you’re new to the scene, this is a great place to start! If you’re a player with more experience under your belt (or if you’re a player who already has a lot of belts in your dungeon) these are still well-crafted, versatile tools worth adding to your collection.

Kink can be anything, and the spectrum of BDSM encompasses more than can be directly addressed in one Signature Box; so The Nooky Box team has narrowed our focus on this collection to three elements: Bondage/Restraint, Impact Play and Sensation Play. These are all just places to start, but we’re pretty sure that once you start exploring, you won’t want to stop!

Under the Kinky Umbrella

We said it before, but it bears repeating: kink can be anything. The non-sexual definition of the word ‘kink’ is:

1. a sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight.

Really, we think this works pretty well as the sexualized definition – of course you’ll need to substitute “straight” for “culturally normative”, although we recognize those are sometimes interchangeable concepts.

Deviations from the norm is what drives evolution; both for our culture as a whole, and for the individual. Exploring a divergent path on the road of sexual exploration can be a mind-expanding experience if done in an appropriate setting with good communication and consent.

Many folks in the kink scene – and by ‘scene’ we mean both those who are active in the community and also more solitary, but active, players at home – stress that sexualizing extreme dynamics allows them to process internalized trauma in a controlled environment. Kinky play might, on the surface level, expose your shadow self; but in a deeper way, this space allows you to be an explorer in the recesses of your mind, bringing light to the shadows that cloud the edges of our perceptions and memory.

The alphabet-jumble that is most often used to refer to kinky activities is ‘BDSM’ and while that acronym doesn’t necessary check off every activity harbored under this erotic umbrella, it does cover a lot of territory. Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, and Sadism & Masochism are the broad view categories for starting your exploration, but are by no means the only path to finishing.

There’s a lot of overlap between these categories; honestly, we don’t know if it’s possible to untangle them enough to be entirely separate. That being said, some folks enjoy highlighting different aspects of their play, and this change in tone can make all the difference between finding someone to play with and running up against walls of incompatibility.

The toys included in the Signature Kink Box are great for exploring any and all of these spaces – how far you go is entirely dependent on how deep you let yourself dive into your fantasies. The Bondage Tape, for instance, has its obvious applications as a bondage restraint; but this can be compounded with the Feather Tickler and/or the Blindfold to heighten the experience of sensation play.

The BDSM categories are fluid and malleable to your desire and intention; so take care to craft your play with self awareness, as you’ll get what you seek.

There are lots of opinions on how to differentiate between a kink and fetish. A major distinction offered by the Kink community is that a ‘kink’ is focused on the individual and the overall experience; conversely, a ‘fetish’ is very specific in its focus. Fetishes are strong sexualized desires associated with a certain object or performed action.

So for example, a person might have a kink for impact play; and this can be explored in a variety of ways. This individual might be turned on by the power exchange that occurs when consenting to their body being impacted at the control of their play-partner, or perhaps the individual may just really love the sensations of impact. Another individual might have a general kink for impact play, but also a more specific fetish such as being impacted with a particular implement. A wooden spoon, yardstick, or baguette – whatever floats your boat!

To learn more, read The Nooky Box blogpost What’s the Difference? Kink v Fetishes.

Mental & Physical

Emotional maturity is the difference between kinky play and abuse. Culturally-blurred lines require personal maturity and awareness to overcome.

Don’t be Christian Grey! Seriously, the 50 Shades brand-industrial complex is a strange beast lumbering through the kink world that reflects very few of the organic in-real-life dynamics that are out there. That being said, for the intrepid explorer, journeying into the recesses of your psyche can be a rewarding experience that allows a conscious healing and construction of trust between players.

Modern society is a culture focused on the material, the tangible, the certain-and-verifiable variety of conversations and priorities. Historically, however, humans have played far more often in the realms of archetypes and symbolic representation.

In kink culture, it’s not about the action – it’s about the significance and imbued symbolism and power of that action. A journey into kink scene is an opportunity for pleasure, certainly, but also to stretch our limits and seek closure on experiences that sulk in the edges of our subconscious.

Bondage & Restraint

The Signature Kink Box includes a roll of Kinklab Bondage Tape. Bondage and restraint play feed into kinks involving loss of control or power – or the acquisition of these things, if you are the binder in your play. While this kind of product is often a staple of “intro” kits there is nothing basic about this product.

The black tape sticks only to itself, which means the options are limitless – you can tie yourself or a loved one to basically anything. It works well, this isn’t a cheap set of handcuffs that you can break or pop open with your thumb; but comes off when unwrapped easily without damage to skin or other surfaces.

The tape can be used to bind body parts in ways that are aesthetically in line with the latex scene, and you can use this roll to experiment with some new looks for you or your playmates anatomical features.

Sensation Play

When the body is deprived of a sensation, other sensations can be amplified and manipulated to create intense experiences. Strategic sensory deprivation and flooding can be immensely calming and erotic for some individuals when in safe and guided settings.

Blindfolds remove the power of sight, which is arguably the sense humans are most dependent on to maintain order and control over their environment.

To lose your sight can be an exhilarating experience in and of itself, but paired with other new and intense sensations can ascend to a new level of erotic experience. The feather tickler offers light whispers of touch that can crescendo loudly when applied to the right areas.

The nipple clamps offer a more targeted sensation. These are adjustable, which makes them a great accessory to accommodate both the spectrum of nipple variation and the range of intensity preferences. You can tighten them over time as you lean into your edges.

The attached feathers add a light touch with your body’s movement that’s a stark contrast to the sensation from the clamps themselves; the interplay between the two is fantastic. Even if you already have nipple clamps in your collection, this pair is a solid addition to anyone’s toy trunk.

Impact Play

The paddle included in the Signature Kink Box is a toy that can cater to a variety of fantasies and scenes. Kink is always and experience on both a mental and physical level. The use of pain as a disciplinary tool and for power play generally is a topic worthy of its own blogpost. For now, we’re just going to touch on the basics of impact play with this tool.

Impact play is a channel that allows a person to receive pain in a way that is pleasurable, and often produces an altered state of consciousness, referred to as a “sub-state.”

Implements for impact can vary, depending on personal preference for the sensations that they produce. Some folks are particularly turned on by marks and bruises, and so select their implement accordingly.

The paddle included in The Signature Kink Box is on the thuddier side of the spectrum and is not statistically likely to leave permanent marks – unless you really try. It can still leave quite the impression, and the accompanying noise is incredibly satisfying.

Be Explicit: Consent Is Required

Consent. It’s the most important piece of all kink practice. If you’ve never heard the term “explicit consent” before now, go have an in-depth conversation with Google before you have any kind of sex at all, kinky or otherwise.

Practicing good consent is foundational for all sexual experiences. Because the realm of kink can go places counter-intuitive to normative cultural scripts, it’s even more important that individuals communicate very clearly their expectations, desires and boundaries in order to explore safely. This might looks like long talks, or internet research; often for serious kink-scenes, players write out contracts to make sure everyone is literally on the same page.

Pick a safe word. Even if you aren’t sure if you need one. No matter where your play falls on the spectrum, everyone practicing kink is engaging in their own edgeplay – whatever that might mean for them. New experiences are new to you, whether they seem too intense or otherwise. Having a mutually-agreed upon safe word is good practice for whenever you do stumble upon a hard-line in your path to self-discovery.

The Signature Kink Box is a well-rounded collection of high-quality toys that can open your bedroom door to kinkier experiences, but these are toys that will remain staples in your personal collection for years to come. Versatile and erotic, each will help you to lean into a new layer of yourself. When you set your own limits, your self-discovery can only grow from here.


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