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Introducing The Signature G-Spot Box

Hit The Spot

If you haven’t gotten acquainted with your G-spot yet, and all the reverberating waves of pleasure that such an introduction can bring, The Signature G-Spot Box is for you.

If you and your Gräfenberg spot already go way back – you get bonus sex-nerd points for self-knowledge and German gynecological trivia! But you’ll still definitely want a G-spot Signature Box of your own. The journey to self-discovery is never done, and we’ve loaded this Signature Box with all the tools you’ll need every step of the way. Arousal oils and lube designed to bring a smile to your lips are just the teasers of this curated selection, leading up to deep penetrating vibrators and a magical wand that will let you fully Njoy yourself.

We Had The Map All Along! (So Why Can’t Some Find It?)

The G-spot is subject to lore and speculation to an extent that seems strange, given today’s advanced anatomical knowledge of the human body. The internet offers endless articles on the apparent “hunt” for this female erogenous zone, and lamentations from women (and couples) who searched in vain with no earth-shattering orgasms to show for it.

Tried and true techniques for finding and stimulating your G-spot abound, and some women are fervent converts. Even still, the language around this area remains vague and uncertain.

Google defines the G-spot as a sensitive area of the anterior wall of the vagina believed by some to be highly erogenous and capable of ejaculation.

Wait. “Believed by some?” What are you saying here, Google? This isn’t a religious experience subject to interpretation. The G-spot is an anatomical part of female bodies; and while different women may experience more or less sensation in this area based on a complex variety of biological (and cultural) factors, its very existence as “a thing that is real” is agreed upon by the medical and sexual health communities.

Oh, and by women generally – those in scientific fields and otherwise! Women have been recounting and confirming the G-spot by generations of first hand experiential testimony. Funny how those voices don’t carry more weight in this debate…

So what are the facts?

Well, we knew all along that bodies were complicated; what we’ve learned in recent years of study is that your body’s systems are incredibly interconnected. The G-spot is an area on the vaginal wall with a higher concentration of nerve endings that many women find stimulating when they are aroused.

If you were hoping for a magic button to push for endless orgasms, you’ll be searching for a while. Unlike the prostate gland – the male pleasure point to which it is often compared – the G-spot is not a clearly-defined anatomical structure.

Instead, the entire region is often packed densely with nerve-endings and can become engorged with blood when aroused to allow for more varied sensations.

This is a great thing! Once you realize you have not just a single spot, but an internal landscape from which to delve into discovery, the journey to intense climax can really begin.

Moment of science here – did you know the female clitoris is a relatively large anatomical structure, although much of its existence in buried from view? The size and placement of the clitoris is determined by a variety of hormonal variations that occurred in-utero and at key developmental points throughout a woman’s life. Pressure on your clitoral shaft from inside your vagina can contribute to the pleasurable feelings that will arise from this area.

All bodies are different, and no one path leads to Shangri-La for everyone. Reports vary on intensity of the orgasms achieved – if any. Those who find their G-spot and explore its potential are often very satisfied with the experiences they have as result of this self-discovery.

All The Steps Along The Way

The G-spot can be very sensitive, but definitely requires a little warming up before it can achieve its full sensory potential. Holistic approaches welcomed here; you want your whole body to be turned on before you start prodding your most sensitive bits.

Foreplay is not just the first scene that gets your sex montage rolling; it’s a main act unto itself and can provide immense rewards if you give your full attention and enthusiasm.

The Signature G-Spot Box includes arousal serums from brands like Intimate Earth and Sensuva that help get your body alert and attentive to the coming action. Increased blood flow and botanical formulas that promote excitability and sensation are just some of the ways these products open the door to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

The Sensuva: How I Adore You G-spot Arousal Serum is a gel meant to be massaged directly onto your G-spot. Its gentle formula increases blood flow to the area and this internal blushing can be felt through increased sensation to the region. The cooling notes of menthol in the formula provide tingles for you – and potentially your partner if their anatomy is in the right place at the right time! Designed with internal use intended, this gel is safe to experiment with anywhere else on your body; so get to exploring!

All great penetration play should be accompanied by a great lube – which is why we’ve included a bottle of Hallelubeyah in this collection. This brand was designed by women with the intent of ensuring that your feminine regions will stay healthy and balanced before and after your sexual encounters. It’s formula is engineered to help prevent yeast infections and other discomforts that accompany a loss of vaginal-equilibrium.

We think Hallelubeyah is a great product for anyone with a vagina, which is why it makes an appearance in not one, but three of the collections in our Signature Box line.

Njoy Yourself

The Njoy line of sex toys are all sleek, electrifying metallic wands meant to stimulate your deepest fantasies. The Njoy Pure Wand in this Signature Box is a full 8 inches of curvature meant to delight your body’s internal reaches. The smooth, engorged bulbs at each end offer a choice in intensity of sensation, so make sure you experiment with what this toy has to offer.

Equally as fantastic an option for prostate stimulation, the smaller end is suitable for anal play for you or your partner! This seamless metal toy is easy to sanitize; in addition to your favorite toy cleaning products, this toy is dishwasher safe and can be fully submerged in boiling water for quick, guaranteed sterility. It comes complete with a silk-lined box for discreet but easy to reach storage.

Obviously, water isn’t just for coming clean – this toy can be used in a variety of aquatic environments. With no moving parts or electronic components, this metal toy is near indestructible – at least by way of water. Shower splashes, or fully immersed bath time play are all on the table for your Njoy experience.

Be sure to allow your Njoy Pure Wand to dry entirely before putting away – its stainless steel surface could succumb to rust in the long-run if you don’t care for this toy properly.


That’s right! This Signature Box has not one, but two amazing G-spot stimulating toys. The Moka G Vibe brings higher frequencies to your internal pleasure points. It’s body-safe silicone surface is smooth and curved in just the right way to bring you to climax.

The smooth surface and flat head deliver a spectrum of sensations. The Moka G Vibe offers 12 different vibe patterns. For reals, 12 of them. With that many options, there’s surely one that’s right no matter what you’re in the mood for.

The head works well as a clit vibe, if that’s your preferred starting point, and the long purring shaft offers its own delights when used internally. It has all the reach you need and is comfortable to use on your own, but versatile enough to electrify your next partnered encounter.

Exercise Regime – Or Just For Fun

The BFit Swish Kegel Balls are an integral piece of your dream workout routine. This set includes two balls and an interchangeable harness that allows you to insert one or both at a time. They weigh 24 grams a piece, so when you’ve developed your muscles you can be pumping 48 grams total each time you want to work out your pelvic floor muscles.

If you’ve never used this fun toy before, check out our guide to these kegel training balls!

As you may have gathered, the Bfit Swish balls aren’t just for toning muscles. Kegel exercises can strengthen the bits that make sex feel great while the action is happening; but these balls are a whole experience unto themselves.

The free-weights that are inside each ball make themselves known as you move – whether by walking through your kitchen or grinding against someone you crave. Couples can experiment with penetrative sex while wearing their Bfit Swish, which is an incredible experience for the wearer and for any partner involved.

Experiential Evidence

No need to take our word for it. You’re the scientist behind your personal sexual experimentation; time to do your own research!


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