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Introducing The Signature Glass Box

Art That Commands Attention

The Signature Glass Box delivers aesthetically stunning erotic artifacts to your bedroom. This collection includes classic pieces, guaranteed to become signature players in your between-the-sheets games.

The heft of glass as a medium translates to stoic power when used to meld sex toys. Glass artisans can weave stunning colors into the core of their pieces, making this erotic art form as much fun to look at as it is to feel.

It’s Über Important (To Be Careful)

Glass is a material that can be intimidating. Not all glass toys are created equal, and poorly crafted toys could be fragile and damage easily. We don’t think we need to explain to you why cracked glass in your – well, anywhere – is potentially a very bad thing!

The Nooky Box team does the legwork to ensure that all our glass products are produced by reputable suppliers with high quality glass techniques.

We wrote our own guide to glass sex toys! Check out When Playing With Glass: Knowledge is Power (And Pleasure) to learn more about the ways you can play and care for your Signature Glass Box toys.

Even though these toys are already deliciously smooth, lube is still a critical piece in getting the most enjoyment from your glass collection. This Signature Box comes with a bottle of Überlube, a premier silicone-based lubricant and body care product.

We’re excited to include this lube here (it’s also available in our Signature Lube Box) because it pairs so perfectly with glass toys. The silicone formulation is deliciously smooth and lasts as long as there’s friction. It’s also resilient to water; this, and the fact that your glass toys will take on the temperature of any surrounding hot liquid, makes shower time ripe with new opportunities.

See what else Überlube has to offer! Hint: it’s not just all about sex.

Embolden Your Inner Hedonist

Sometimes there comes a toy that’s as beautiful as it is powerful. In the Signature Glass Box you’ll get not one, but two hand-blown glass treasures worthy of this distinction. These erotic glass pieces from Hedonic Glass are handcrafted and hold a single blossoming flower inside with petals edged in gold.

Hedonic Glass Butt Plug

The artist dove full-force into glasswork relatively recently, and originally started selling their work on Etsy. The Etsy shop is still bustling away, but Hedonic Glass has grown into much more.

Their customers are devoted, and quite often are repeat buyers. The Hedonic custom work portfolio is impressive; and their talent is obvious when using their pieces for the first time.

Learn more about why we love Hedonic Glass and their beautifully crafted sex toys.

The Hedonic Glass Buttplug is dense and resilient; it provides a feeling of firm fullness while allowing for range of movement and motion. This glass for your ass (sorry, we had to) carries vibrations splendidly, so try tapping some love notes on this perfect blossom. Longer toys made from glass (such as dildos) should be used with caution for anal play; however, this buttplug is small enough that you can wear it around the house – or out of it, if you prefer!

The Hedonic Glass Dildo is everything great about the buttplug, plus a few more inches! Made for exploring deeper, this dildo’s shaft oscillates in pleasurable waves of thickness. This toy is made for vaginal penetration only; be careful as the hard surface can leave bruising if not used gently.

Winter Is Coming (Or At Least You Will Be)

The Nooky Box team are big believers in the power of kegel exercises, and the Icicle Ben Wa Balls aren’t the only time we’ve featured this type of toy.

The pelvic floor muscles are sort of a big deal around here; is that weird? If it is, we don’t want to be normal. If we liked Ben Wa balls in silicone, we love them in glass! The weight and beauty of this set make them worthy of fantasy.

Kegel exercises build strength in the muscles that control your inner workings; all your body’s systems are squished up in there, after all. Strengthening your pelvic floor can aid in childbirth and recovery, as well as help prevent incontinence later in life.

Oh, and earth-shattering orgasms with delightfully extended durations; kegel exercises can help you build to those too. Basically, squeezing onto these pleasure orbs heightens your awareness of these muscles (in addition to increasing muscle strength) so you’ll feel more things when you’re busy feeling everything.

As the name implies, the Icicle Ben Wa balls are best served chilled. Glass takes on the temperature of its environment, and so it’s pretty clear what Pipedreams had in mind when they released their Icicle Ben Wa Balls.

Pop these little pearls into the freezer before you play and we promise that these perfectly formed ice-orbs will take your breathe away. Play alone with a vibrator, or get yourself in the mood by flexing around these balls while gently rocking or even walking around the house. If playing with a partner, the cold sensation can be great for both during penetration!

A Little Bonus Heat

Each of these glass toys absorb hot temperatures just as well and retain it for quite some time to help ward off winter blues. Submerging your glass toys in warm water can bring an entirely new range of sensations. Good ones, we promise.

While water is a super-legit way of getting your toy collection warmed up, there are always more luxurious ways for those seeking to incite their senses. Warm: The Experience is a heating and storage system for all your favorite toys. And we do mean all your toys – the Warm sleeve is quite large and can hold most any odd-shaped piece you might have in your collection, or a variety of smaller pleasure instruments.

The Warm sleeve is a silk-lined electric heating pad that folds within a sultry faux-leather case for easy transport. Load with your favorites and charge for an hour to bring most toys up to the perfect temperature. The Warm retains its heat while closed so your toys are ready when you are.

Warm: The Experience is an add-on, available in our online Nooky shop, and is not included in the Signature Glass Box. To learn more about the ways you can use Warm to add some heat to your love life, read up on our blog!

Glass For Your Ass (And Everywhere Else)

The Signature Glass Box is one of the ten erotically-themed box editions rolling out in our new Nooky Signature Box Line on Indiegogo. These high-end luxury toys will bring a sophisticated twist to your sex toy collection, and they have the staying power to remain a part of your lineup for years to come. These pieces remind you that orgasms are an art, so get to your creative endeavors!


We are currently only filling Glass Box orders for our Indiegogo campaign backers.