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We Love Our Sponsors: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Great sex is a collaborative effort – and when we began crafting the curated Signature Box Line we wanted nothing holding us back from delivering an exquisitely unique experience to all our customers.

That’s why we’ve joined forces with some of the best minds out there in the sexual health industry to ensure that each Nooky Signature Box is bursting with the most amazing products to bring a new era of (healthy) orgasms to your life.

With so many great companies out there, it’s hard to brag about them all in one place! To learn about our other AMAZING sponsors for our Signature Box Campaign check out our blog posts on SystemJO and Sylk.

Gentlemen Dress To Impress

The saying goes “dress for the job you want” and we’d like to think that wisdom applies to your love life as well.

The form-fitting, premier condoms by Johnson Jacket will feel amazing and give you the confidence to perform at your best all night.

Suit Up! Safety matters; protect yourself and partners from STI’s and unplanned pregnancies. Johnson Jacket manufactures their condoms from the highest quality latex in Thailand, and each condom is individually and electronically screened to bring you a solid, trustworthy product.

Attractively packaged and brought to retail stores at an affordable price point, Johnson Jacket is making a mark on the condom industry – all for “the love of safe sex.” The Nooky Box is feeling the love, and so we’ve included Johnson Jackets in both the Signature Bro Box and the Signature Anal Box.

Love To Touch And Be Touched

The name says it all. Lust Naked is an intoxicating skin-care line revolving around hemp-based formulas to create a range of body products. Smashing the stagnant and boring routines of typical skincare regimes, Lust brings its customers skincare products that are sensual and fun to use – so you can get clean while you’re being dirty.

Lust really likes hemp. Hemp massage oils, hemp body powders, hemp leaf logos; it seems the folks at Lust enjoy the hemp plant as much as they enjoy sex. They wouldn’t be the first to find such a pairing pleasurable.

There’s ample research behind the benefits of hemp-oil for the skin; and each product also includes soothing essential oils such as lavender and chamomile.

The folks at Lust believe in making sex fun, which is why we have had such a great time in building our partnership when they helped sponsor our Indiegogo Nooky Signature Box Campaign. The Lust Sex Dice are included in the Signature Travel Box so that you can play some naughty games when you’re out exploring the open road.


Sometimes you discover an incredible solution to a problem you didn’t know you had; and we think Blowpaste is one of those products.

As the name (and flavoring) implies, Blowpaste is designed with blowjobs in mind.

That being said, this line of water-based lubes are body-safe for use anywhere, so spread the love around anywhere you want a little extra tongue-time between you and your playmate.

Of course, we definitely recommend using it the way it was designed, too. The three flavors currently in the Blowpaste lineup include Minty Sanchez, Orangasmic, and Cinnamoan. Clever names, and clever application. The essential oils used to create the flavor are subtle, and do not have the chemical-sweetness associated with many synthetic flavors and fragrances used in other flavored lubes.

With so many great toys available in the Signature BJ Box, you’ll be able to put Blowpaste to an endurance test, and when the job finally does blow, you can both peacefully fall asleep in the afterglow.

The Dialogue Continues

The Nooky Signature Box Line is a cumulation of everything we’ve learned from talking with our friends, lovers, customers and even our competitors. Conversations are critical to building a healthy, open space in society for discourse and education around pleasure and sexual health.

Our conversations and collaboration with great brands throughout this campaign have made it possible for us to build the Nooky Signature Box Line in a way that represents the best and most relevant brands in the sexual health market today.

Learn more about our Nooky Signature Line Indiegogo campaign!