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Introducing The Signature Bro Box

Solo Bros Need Love Too

Get prepared and get off. The Signature Bro Box is ready to lend a helping hand when you’re having some alone time. Of course, its contents are also aimed at helping you get ready to make a great first impression with any potential play partners on the horizon.

For When You Netflix and Chill Alone

Give your hand a break. The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage aims to be your new go-to toy for when you need a release. It’s unique contours feel amazing and the clear exterior showcases every inch as you slide into this newest addition to the Fleshlight line of masturbation sleeves. Made from body-safe silicone, this toy is easy to clean and store away for its next use.

The Quickshot Vantage is half the size of its Fleshlight predecessor – and users say it makes the toy twice as versatile. The tube is open-ended so you can enter from either side; and there are optional caps that can be left on one side to contain the aftermath. The 3.5” insertable length leaves many user’s heads exposed; the sight is ego-boosting, particularly if you’ve seen yourself thrust deep inside longer Fleshlight models in the past.

One day, you might not be a solo bro. When that day comes, the Quickshot Vantage comes with you; this toy can help take many of your favorite partnered activities to the next level. Foreplay gets hotter, blowjobs get headier – you get the idea.

Elevate Your Vibrations

Ready to rumble? The Picobong Lifeguard Vibrating Cock Ring will ensure you make a deep impression if your date accompanies you to the bedroom. This vibrating cock ring is made from soft, pliable silicone with just enough restriction to keep you standing at attention all night long.

The Picobong Lifeguard has six vibrational patterns and multiple intensity levels for each one. It can be controlled via buttons on the exterior or (because we’re living in the future, apparently) through your phone. The Remoji App lets you connect your toy via Bluetooth so you can tap or swipe your way to orgasm. Of course, if someone else had your phone…well, wouldn’t that be interesting too?

If you don’t have a date, don’t let that stop you from getting dressed up for action! The Picobong Lifeguard tightens up the experience of your sexual self-care and offers a variety of hands-free sensations that keep you harder, longer.

Treat Yo’Self!

Spread it on thick. You deserve a little luxury in your life and Boy Butter H2O more than delivers.

The Boy Butter line of lubricant and masturbation creams have previously showcased mostly oil-based recipes in the past; these formulas have a great feel and consistency, but are not compatible with latex-condoms or silicone toys.

Boy Butter H2O upends all those limitations. Whipped shea butter and vitamin E are added to a water-based lubricant so that the resulting product is a thick cream. It goes on clear and smooth, turning into a gentle water-based lubricant that is safe anywhere you want to put it. It lasts long enough for marathon sessions, but absorbs away stain-free during cleanup. It’s formula is gentle enough on your skin that it can be used as a general moisturizer, for your hand or your date!

This lube is safe to use with the condoms and toys in this box – and basically anything else featured in our line of Signature Boxes.

Night on the Town

First impressions count when introducing a date to your little bro. The pressure is turned to HIGH in the dating world these days; and it takes a lot of work to avoid the ever-present threat of a left-swipe on all the attractive cell phones in your zip code.

We got you, bruh.

The Signature Bro Box has an assortment of prep and pleasure tools to help set you up for success in all your bedroom encounters. Life is hectic and sometimes the stress or sweat of the day lingers. No shame, bodies are bodies; but Funky Junk Wipes can take away a layer of the day leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for action. The strawberry flavor is a bonus, we hope, for your date’s taste buds.

Sex is fun, but make sure you take the steps to protect yourself and your partners, so that you can fully enjoy the experience and not the consequences. Johnson Jacket Condoms are the classy solution to complete your date-night wardrobe.

These form-fitting condoms are made from premium latex, and will help you look and perform at your best. Designed to reduce risk of STI transmission and help prevent pregnancy, the Johnson Jackets will make sure there are no unplanned Baby Bros on the horizon.

Don’t want the night to end so soon? This box includes a bottle of SystemJO Prolonger Spray to help you stay harder for longer with this formula designed to stave off ejaculation. Part of the SystemJO line of great products, the Prolonger Spray is a travel-ready (and somewhat less messy) version of the immensely popular Prolonger Gel.

This tiny spray bottle is a powerful desensitizer that helps you achieve longer lasting sexytimes with your date. It’s glycerin-free and contains ingredients that are body-safe for you and your play partner.

Learn more about SystemJO, their great products, and our Signature partnership!

The Hot Box For Your Next Hot Date

You want a Signature Bro Box – we don’t blame you! Self-love IS self-care. Whether you enjoy its contents alone or with your next date, this Signature Box has it all.


We are currently only filling Bro Box orders for our Indiegogo campaign backers.