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Introducing The BJ Box – Curated Adult Products for Oral Pleasure

The Nooky Box wants you to get more head! Which is why we’re here with everything you need to help your next oral experience ascend to otherworldly levels of pleasure.

If you’re lucky enough to be on the receiving end, the Signature BJ Box will have you feeling fresh and confident before the action; and the cock-rings included will ensure that you stay harder for longer when it all goes down.

If you’re on the giving side of this arrangement, we’ve included products that will cause tongue-tingling action that adds scintillating new flavors to your next hot encounter!

  • Blowpaste Minty Sanchez – 1 oz
  • Blowpaste – Orangasmic – 1oz
  • Blowpaste – Cinnamoan – 1 oz
  • Nadkins Male Jewel Towelettes
  • Stay Hard Cock Ring – 3 pack
  • Sweet Lemonade Nipsicle
  • Glyde Condoms Mixed Set
  • Downloadable Song by Honore
  • How to be a Blow Pro Book

Ready To Expand Your Palette?

If you’re on the less-experienced side of things when it comes to blowjobs, the Signature BJ Box is definitely the treasure trove you need to get you up to speed.

We’ve included a great introductory book with all the how-to etiquette for giving and receiving. Read up and get a taste of all the great blowjobs in your future.

It’s About To Go Down

Confidence is refreshing. The Nadkins towelettes in the Signature BJ Box bring packaged refreshment to your pocket so you can be confident and ready whenever action finds you!

The 10-pack of Nadkins are individually wrapped for convenient use, so they are always there when you need them.

Each Nadkin is soaked in a 100% natural formula that contains soothing botanicals like aloe vera to heal and cleanse gentle skin. It will make your body feel amazing, and you can be confident that your partner’s lips will smile in appreciation.

Safe Sex is More Important Than Ever

Real talk. We get it, using condoms during oral sex isn’t the most common practice. Lack of conversation around safe oral sex makes it a hard topic to even broach, particularly with a new partner. Not only is there not a lot of conversations being had, there’s not a lot of media or porn visibility of blowjobs that include barriers.

Here’s the thing. Times are changing – and more importantly, bacteria and viral-based STI’s are changing, and their evolution is happening fast.

While oral sex is definitely a solid bet at avoiding pregnancy, this in no way means STI transmission isn’t possible. Certain STI’s such as gonorrhea are actually more likely to be transmitted via fellatio than penetrative sex. We live in a time of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, and quite a few other infectious ailments are running an arms race against modern medicine by developing ever-increasing levels of immunities to our treatments.

Don’t get caught in the cross-fire!

The way we talk about safety during oral sex needs to change, and that change begins with dialogue and visibility. The Signature BJ Box includes Glyde Condoms, a great brand of ethical, vegan, fair-trade condoms made from high-quality and super-thin latex. Designed for exceptional heat transfer, it offers the most natural experience possible.

If you’ve never used condoms during blowjobs before, experiment with the new sensations that materials other than skin can bring to your sexual play.

Latex is sexy – admittedly, some folks think so more than others – but protecting yourself and your partners is even sexier.

Shivers, Shakes, and Mood Music

Tingles to turn you on? Nipsicle is the tantalizing addition to your foreplay that will heighten the experience for you and your partner with erotic icy sensations. It is edible and safe to use on your most intimate areas.

As the name implies nipples are a good place to start, but there’s no reason to stop there! Applied as lip balm, Nipsicle will push any oral encounter into a climax that will leave you shivering.

Music is the epitome of cool and sexy. We sort of knew that already, but for real: music creates arousal and euphoria states in the brain that rival those induced by both sex and drugs.

It would even seem that all three go hand-in-hand sometimes.

The Signature BJ Box offers a free download of Honoré’s new song, “Superfantastik” to help get in the mood the next time you’re hoping to get it on. The beat sets the tone for a wild night and if you’ve never heard of Honore before, now is a great time to get acquainted with this hot crush-worthy artist.

Get Up, Stand Up

Want to increase your staying power?

Get hard and stay that way with the Stay Hard Cock Ring Trio from Male Trunk. This three-pack of cock rings vary in size, so you can find the perfect fit.

The silicone is body-safe and compatible with other toys and condoms, and the beaded surface gives varied sensation as it shifts against your body, while still maintaining the restriction you want to stay harder and delay ejaculation.

These rings are great for prolonging oral sex, but they’re also quite versatile.

Cock rings can add excitement to any sexual escapades, and the smooth silicone beads on this set will feel amazing for any partner lucky enough to grind against them during penetrative play.

9 Out Of 10 Dentists Agree

Well, at least all the dentists in the porn we’ve been watching.

Blowpaste is a water-based lube available in three tasty flavors intended to peak the appetite for oral pleasures. It’s also designed to reduce acidity in your mouth, which generally promotes good oral hygiene and fresh breath.

The wintergreen essential oil in the Minty Sanchez can result in chilling tingles and heightened temperature sensitivity for some users; and the Cinnamon Cassia increases blood flow to the applied area, adding a little spice and even harder erections. The interplay of flavor and sensations elevate the experience, and are a delicious addition to your next oral experience.

But wait. That’s not even the ‘paste’ part.

The Blowpaste formula includes baking soda which has the effect of neutralizing acidic pH environments. Dental health professionals have long recognized the benefits of baking soda in oral hygiene, which is why it is a common ingredient in many toothpastes. Tooth care isn’t the sexiest topic; so why even think about it during sexytimes?

Blowpaste helps balance your oral pH during and after your sexual play so that your post-sex mouth feels refreshingly clean without having to get up and repeat your toothbrushing ritual.


We are currently only filling BJ Box orders for our Indiegogo campaign backers.