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Introducing The Signature Betty Box

Queer Clitori & Happy Vaginas For Everyone

The Betty Box is here to seduce your divine feminine side. When The Nooky Box team set out to design a Signature Box that would cater to the needs of the lesbian community, we quickly came to the realization that this was a well intentioned but ultimately misguided mission.

There are many so letters along the LGBT+ alphabet jumble that would benefit from the seductive treasures of this collection; and far be it from us to withhold yonic bliss from the reaches of straight women. So we scratched all that, and landed here: The Betty Box, curated by vaginas for vaginas, and available to anyone along the spectrum of bodies and orientations.

The Journey Is The Destination

Arousal is a full-body affair, and here at The Nooky Box we’re invested with you in the long game. Vaginas know what’s up everywhere else; if the whole you isn’t feeling it, those lips are not going to smile their fullest anytime soon. Full exploration and appreciation of your body’s many other erogenous zones is key in unlocking more powerful orgasms.

The first of two fantastic SystemJo products featured in the Betty Box is the line’s Nipple Titillator Arousal Gel. It’s combination of menthol, peppermint oil and vanillyl butyl ether is body-safe for even the most sensitive skin around your nipples; and is sweetened to taste amazing for any tongues that happen to stroll through the vicinity. The minty coolness is a delightful sensation, but your nipples won’t be the only place you feel tingles when incorporating this product into your play!

SystemJo is a Nooky Box partner that brings an impressive lineup of products for sexual health to our Signature Boxes. Check out our post on this great company to find out more!

Sensuva’s ON Hemp Arousal Oil is a botanical blend of essential oils and a hemp oil base that soothes, heals and brings an incredible flush of sensation to your body. The essential oil blend includes cinnamon, peppermint and rosemary – plus the company’s secret ‘proprietary blend’ of plant allies.

Sensuva claims their formula is proven to dramatically increase blood flow to the area on which it is applied, and the combination of warm cinnamon and cool mint extracts bring their own alternating sensations. The idea is to rub some (1 or 2 drops, a little goes a long way) onto your clit, and within a few minutes most users experience a strong pulsing or tingling sensation with an increase in their body’s own lubrication.

The experience lasts approximately 45 minutes and can vary based on your hormone levels throughout your menstrual cycle.The hemp oil base moisturizes your skin and is full of vitamins and nutrients that aid in healing damaged tissue. It’s safe for use during oral sex – the ON Hemp Arousal Oil has a pleasant taste and contains no synthetic ingredients or sweeteners.

The entire Sensuva Oil line is medically endorsed by Dr. Jennifer R. Berman as a body-safe and effective tool for increased sexual arousal.

The Fin Finger Vibe (For When Scissoring Isn’t Cutting It)

The Fin is a highly anticipated new release from Dame Products. This small vibe, designed for both internal and external use, is shaped to nestle between two fingers in a way that feels natural and intuitive.

It’s optional tether helps secure the vibe to your digits, as it’s easy to lose your grip without its tether in, ahem, wetter environments. That being said, the Fin is easy – if only a tad bit awkward – to safely retrieve if it slips between your fingers.

Made with only medical-grade silicone products, the front of the toy is rigid and tapered into a peak that allows the wearer to send targeted sensations. The base is made with a softer silicone, and provides a flat, squishy surface to press against.

The variability of textures combined with its 3-speed motor make this toy incredibly versatile for its size. Its vibrations can be felt not only in the central vibrating base, but also throughout the tether and finger harness making this toy a win from every angle.

The Fin feels natural to use solo; in fact, it may be one of the most intuitive masturbation toys for women who seek predominantly clitoral stimulation on their path to orgasm. This is not a one-trick pony, however, and its prowess as a clit-vibe in no way diminishes its vast potential for internal use and/or partner play.

For a more detailed look, check out our in-depth review on The Fin Finger Vibe!

Penetration & Harness Play

Across the spectrum from finger vibes, but still solidly inside make-you-moan territory, is the other featured toy in the Signature Betty Box: The Magnum Fun Factory Dildo. This delightful pink cock is smooth silicone with a flared, suction cup base.

It works equally well in harness or in hand; but its suction capabilities give this toy its stand-alone capacity. Walls, windows or bathroom tiles are all fair game for surfaces worth leaning into during your next play session or solo explorations.

We believe there’s a harness for every occasion and body; and the Magnum Fun Factory Dildo works with many of them. This slightly curved dildo hits just the right spot and is compatible with many adjustable O-rings.

The Magnum Fun Factory Dildo is more than meets the eye. For more info on how to get the most from this versatile toy, check out our review post!

Keeping penetrative play in mind, The Betty Box also includes a bottle from one of our favorite lube brands, Sliquid Satin. This luxuriously thick, smooth intimate moisturizer is water-based and completely vegan – it is thickened with plant cellulose.

The Satin formula includes aloe and carrageenan that are moisturizing agents to help heal dry or irritated skin. It is the first Sliquid product designed for everyday use as a moisturizing product in addition to use as a sexual lubricant.

Aftercare (Or Before-care For Next Time)

Here at The Nooky Box, we know that a healthy vagina is a happy one. Our Signature Betty Box includes a line-up of items to support your body’s health with before and after care products for your nether-regions.

The SystemJo Feminine Spray is a great all-around pH balancer and odor-neutralizing product that comes in a travel-ready spray bottle. It’s natural formula combines ingredients like shea butter and cucumber extract to cool and soothe your skin, and leave you feeling comfortable and fresh for your next adventure.

This spray can be used to freshen up before or after sex – but don’t limit its use to just your bedroom! The SystemJo Feminine Spray is a great product for during and after your menstrual cycle, post-workout care or even when your body is in recovery from surgery or childbirth.

It’s all about balance, and Natural Cleansing Foam for Intimate Fitness by SHE is another great product to help restore a sense of equilibrium to your life and body. Designed specifically for after-sex hygiene, it’s botanically-based formula is gentle on your skin and cleans without stripping your body of its own natural oils.

The mild foam cleans all your intimate areas and helps repair damage from sex friction or infection while supporting your body’s own immune system response.

Toys need cleaning too! While the first two products are geared specifically for happy vaginas, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to care for all the new fantastic toys you’ve received from The Nooky Box!

The AfterGlow Multipack are natural deodorizing and pH balancing wipes made for any body part or sexytimes toy. This pack of 20 gives you that many opportunities to remain horizontal for longer, and offers a toy-cleaning solution that effectively (and safely) cleans your toys without water. Perfect for when traveling, camping or for discretion when sharing washrooms with easily scandalized roommates.

New Horizons, New Pleasures

The Signature Betty Box’s array of toys and sexual accoutrements will help keep your body balanced and healthy, so you can get the most pleasure from all your sexual escapades!


We are currently only filling Betty Box orders for our Indiegogo campaign backers.