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Introducing The Signature Anal Box

In A World Of Euphemisms, It’s Good To Be Direct

Anal sex! It’s a thing, it’s happening, and if people would stop being weird about it there would be a lot more orgasms going around.

If you’ve never explored this sexual arena before, the Anal Signature Box is here to (gently) guide you into this world of intense new sensations. If you’re a little more experienced, well, one look at these toys will tell you all you need to know about the mind-blowing orgasms that await you after this Signature Box arrives in the post.

How to Get Started

Always safe, all the time; safe sex is of the utmost important, and you should practice whatever methods make the most sense for you and your partner(s).

Your body doesn’t provide it’s own natural lubrication – like a vagina does – and so good lube is key here to eliminate potential risk of tissue tearing. Using (enough) high quality lube is the first line of defense against potential negative consequences of anal play.

Some folks prefer oil based lubes for anal sex – and we can see why, given the longer lasting and thicker qualities some of these formulas bring to the experience. Sadly, oil-based lubes are known to degrade both latex and silicone.

This means they can cause damage to many sex toys (including the ones in the Signature Anal Box!) and could potentially cause a condom to tear. This is bad, for obvious reasons, which is why a good, long-lasting sexual lubricant is critical to your sexual health.

SystemJO H2O Anal is a perfect hybrid solution to finding a great lubricant that is compatible with all the other goodies in this box. It’s thickened with extra plant cellulose to ensure that it can last as long as you do. The water-based formula is safe with silicone toys and with latex condoms, so you can play safely.

Speaking of condoms, are you outfitted appropriately for your next erotic encounter? With “A jacket for every occasion,” the Johnson Jackets included in this Signature Box are here to make sure your Johnson is dressed to the nines.

The Johnson Jacket team places equal priority on your safety and pleasure with these resilient, form-fitting condoms. This is definitely a place to apply the philosophy “Dress for the job you want” to your dating life.

The Nooky Box team wants you to be happy. We want your hiney to be happy too, which is why we’re bringing you Happy Hiney – our favorite desensitizing cream to maximize your access to backdoor pleasures. The water-based formula is safe to use with condoms, and is safe for use with oral sex. It’s infused with tea tree essential oils, which has potent anti-bacterial properties and helps reduce inflammation in the area.

This cream helps your muscles relax, and will eliminate initial sensations of excessive friction so that you can relax and push into the deeper pleasures that await you.

Remember – while Happy Hiney works to make anal play more comfortable, particularly if you are new to the experience, it is NOT intended to mask pain. Sex shouldn’t be painful and you should be sure to listen to the signals your body gives you!

Anal play is amazing; so good, in fact, that you might want to extend the experience for as long as possible. With the SystemJO Prolonger Spray, you can push the thresholds of your limits and have the marathon sex sessions of your fantasies.

It is potent stuff – just a small amount will do fine, you don’t want to be too desensitized. The formula is engineered specifically to slow down the onset of ejaculation, giving you extra staying power.

Sorting Out Stigmas

Bodies have a multitude of paths to pleasure. Over the course of history different sexual preferences and interests have risen and fallen in favor, and some have become clouded with misinformation and social stigmas.

Our present culture still speaks about anal play with a great deal of discomfort and confusion. There are many reasons for this, but (spoiler alert) anxious masculinity and homophobia are the root of many of them. The Nooky Box is here to help demystify and destigmatize all things sexual, and this is no exception. The Signature Anal Box is one small step in the shift to push back the clouds of misinformation and confusion around anal pleasure.

Exploring your body, and the things it likes, is not something anchored inherently into your sexual orientation. Prostate play should be equally accessible for heterosexual-identified men; because, let’s face it, there are a lot of straight guys missing out on amazing orgasms and toy options.

The toys featured in the Signature Anal Box are intended for anatomies rather than identities. Don’t let social stigmas bar you from exploring and owning your body in its path to pleasure.

PipeDream Double Feature

We spent hours deliberating between Pipedream products – how can you pick just one prostate toy from the extensive collection this brand has to offer? So we didn’t – we picked two! The Classix Prostate Stimulator and the Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug are each designed for prostate play, but bring totally different approaches so a wide spectrum of sensations is possible. Both are designed to work well for couples, but feel so good that many choose to use them alone too!

The Classix lives up to its name. The unique curves of this toy hit the perfect spot, and a second finger curls underneath for perineum pressure that adds even more to the experience that can help delay, but then extend, your orgasm. The perineum is an underplayed erogenous zone on humans generally, and women are just as likely to intensify their experiences with pressure and sensation here.

The unique curvature of Classix fits the bill in a big way, and is perfect for prostate stimulation. This is a shape that has been employed by a few wise sex-toy manufacturers, and let us tell you, it is definitely a classic.

Its size can be a bit daunting if you’re inexperienced, but every great journey has its challenges. Trust us, this one is worth the reward.

The Ass-Gasm is, as the name implies, a winning combination of prostate stimulator and cock ring that will give you stronger erections and stronger orgasms! The flexible, smooth silicone cock ring stretches as much as necessary and restricts in all the ways you want.

The anal plug will fill you with sensations just upon insertion, but the organic buildup of intensity as each thrust pulls on the ring is a whole world worth exploring. The anal stimulation from motion works just as well if your penetrative sex involves harness play too; giving this toy versatility across a variety of queer and kinky spectrums. You might find that it also takes your solo sessions to a whole new level.

Butt Wait, There’s More!

The Intro to Anal Box is a little of everything you need to open or expand your orgasmic horizons in the realm of anal play. It contains toys and products that can excite and stimulate the imagination of beginners, or be versatile tools in the toybox of seasoned players.


We are currently only filling BJ Box orders for our Indiegogo campaign backers.