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    Here at The Nooky Box we believe in enjoying sex to the fullest – and by that, we mean with ALL our senses. We often supply tasty treats like flavored lubes or the Funky Junk Wipes in our subscription boxes; but realistically, we know the flavors in those products are secondary features to the main course. Which is why we’ve partnered with Pandora’s Pops to feature an exclusive “Nookyberry” flavor with potent aphrodisiac properties.

    Founder Jena Chambers aims to make accessible the powers of plant medicine with her tantalizing sweets. Her company presently offers six staple flavors for her aphrodisiac pops, each a unique combination of herbs and organic, natural fruit flavors. Chambers made a custom treat for The Nooky Box, and we are proud to be the only place where you can find our signature “Nookyberry” flavor.

    Nookyberry tastes like creamy coconut and pineapple flavors, an homage to the Big Island of Hawaii where Chambers has drawn much of her career’s inspiration.

    Photo courtesy of Pandora Pops (left to right) chamomile, rhodiola, damiana, and lobelia

    Health-focused herbal candy may seem a radical idea, but Chamber’s says her childhood prepared her for the challenge. She comes from a long line of Dutch candy artisans and helped her mother and grandfather with their creations in her childhood home. She has also been a feature of the Holistic Health realms for years.

    She spent six years as the Director for the Center Massage & Natural Health and has been a national consultant with Torch Holistic Educator Services. In 2011 she began incorporating these pieces together and started producing Aphrodisiac Pops. They were initially very well received in her New York community and it became a challenge to keep up with the demand.

    Her successful Kickstarter campaign not only launched her company into a new realm, but connected Chambers to her co-conspirator in flower-powered medicines, Chef Jamie Dessecker. So impressed with the concept, Dessecker was one of the original backers of the Kickstarter Campaign and is now the Director of Culinary Operations for the company.

    Pandora’s Pops uses a 3D printer to achieve unique, lifelike molds that capture the essence and purpose of her candies. Her shapes range from Pride Week’s Taste the Rainbow Pops to Mini-Magic Wands. This Hitachi Pop was crafted for a bachelorette party.

    The Nookyberry Pop was cast in a Strawberry mold that is also used for their Winkberry flavor. Mother Nature has some sexy ideas about plants that go in your mouth and this berry shape is a cleverly erotic reference to, well, you know. The textured surface is more than a little nostalgic to an experienced tongue and is bound to give your mind more than a few ideas of what to do with your evening after dessert.

    Pandora’s Pops offers a selection of flavors aimed to help folks with every aspect of their lives, both in and out of the bedroom. There are special blends tailored to aiding with anxiety, brain fog, and depression. Chambers has even designed a blend featuring an herb that is aimed at helping individuals quit smoking; lobelia, the herb in question, is known to mimic the effects of nicotine in the brain to help suppress cigarette cravings. Plants really are impressive chemists!

    Chambers makes everything in small batches, and is painstakingly careful about how she sources her products. All her candies are organic, fair-trade, vegan, soy-free, GMO-free and there are a variety of flavors that are completely sugar-free. Her commitment to your body’s health goes a long way and this patience and care is obvious when you try the final product.

    The Nookyberry Pops taste amazing, and the flavor of the herbs is a subtle layer under the tropical notes of pineapple and coconut. This is a sweet delicacy that would be a welcome seduction of your tastebuds even without the plant-ally infusions.

    The strawberry mold is significantly more fun than anticipated, and brings a sexy lens to the world of 3D printing. What else could you print and put in your mouth?

    Hint: Sex Robot Suckable Breasts? Yes.

    The Nookyberry flavor relies on a blend of herbs such as damiana, muira puama, catuaba, ashwaghanda and Hawthorne berry. Damiana has long been heralded as a sexual stimulant by the indigenous people of Mexico, including the ancient Mayans, who have been collecting the leaves of this plant for generations to aid with maladies such as impotence, menstrual problems, failure to orgasm and symptoms of depression. The plant increases blood flow to the pelvic region to get your body warmed up, and the plant’s relaxation properties help free your mind to wander through your fantasies.

    These pops not only help get you in the mood, but really do help build an impressive crescendo. Creative energy seems to be infused along with the herbal remedies, and upon testing these pops proved to be a good reminder never to underestimate the raw potency of nature’s sexual energy.

    The verdict? More experimentation needed, as we can’t wait to wrap our lips around another one of these sultry sweets!



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