Here’s The Rub: Massage Candles

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    Hot wax? Often, the idea of a massage candle can seem intimidating, like something taboo and straight out of 1950’s BDSM erotica. In reality, massage candles are a practical way to begin setting the mood, and they are in no way something to be wary of. Made of natural oils, the wax inside only melts to a delightfully warm temperature, nothing that could be described as “hot.” There will be no scalding, just a beautifully scented massage.

    One way to use these candles is to light them before taking a long bath. Choose a relaxing scent and let the aroma fill the room. Once you’re finished with your bath, you can blow out the flame and use the melted wax for a moisturizing, warm massage.

    Who says you have to share? Full-body sensations and sensuality aren’t just reserved for partnered folks.

    If you are generous enough to spend some time rubbing down your sweetie, make sure to burn the candle long enough to produce oil for two.

    Other ways to incorporate these gems into the fold might include spanking or BDSM aftercare, roleplay (pretending the wax really is hot could be… Well, hot), or simply for softening dry elbows in colder weather. Versatile and approachable, massage oil candles make a sexy gift even better but can also stand alone as a wonderful surprise. They might even be just the ticket for those who are feeling a bit nervous about bringing toys into the bedroom for the first time.  

    Small steps like bringing massage oils or candles into the bedroom can often feel like giant leaps, and they do deserve to be treated with respect and reverence. Remember that choosing your pleasure means honoring yourself. So go on, fan the flame.

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