Lelo Vibrator Product Review

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    Let’s talk about one of the companies at the forefront of premier vibrators: Lelo. This Swedish company is just over 10 years old and hasn’t stopped rocking the world with their innovative ‘pleasure objects.’

    These toys are so tantalizing that Lelo has been positively raking in the awards! To date, the company and its products have won over 30 major trophies, including Product Design Awards and multiple nods from ETO Awards including the Best Luxury Brand of the Year.

    On top of taking home all these awards, Lelo’s sexy blindfold was featured in a steamy scene in Fifty Shades of Grey and two of their products have been inducted into a design museum in Germany!

    Let’s face it, Lelo makes getting down look good.

    We’re excited to showcase this incredible company through the Nooky Box, because Lelo is leading the way in bringing people pleasure around the world. This fantastic design innovator meets Nooky Box’s high standards for quality with  their beautiful, stylish, elegant objects of pleasure, as well as their commitment to transforming the look, feel and perception of personal massagers. Yay nooky!

    Lelo’s mission also hits close to home for us, they recently told us, “We don’t simply create ‘sex toys’ —  we design entire experiences and new dimensions of sensation… We take pleasure and put it in the palm of your hand.”  Now that’s some classy nooky!

    No, we mean seriously classy… just check out their $15,000 gold dildo, dipped in 24k gold!

    With over 10 million products sold to date, this pleasure-pushing company has set the standard for how well we should treat our bodies and the sensations they crave. And we just can’t get enough of the best (in our opinion) in sexual stimulators: Check out the MONA Wave!

    The MONA Wave

    The Orgasm To End All Orgasms: MONA Wave™ is the world’s first G-Spot stimulator to offer wave upon wave of intense sensation. This playful new toy represents a completely new way to think of your orgasms. It ebbs and flows within you like a lover’s fingers beckoning you toward an almost unbearably intense G-Spot orgasm.

    For some extra fun, check out this frisky activity: The 2015 Lelo Global Sex Survey!

    Take part in the world’s largest-ever survey which seeks to shed more light on the sexual wants, needs and habits of couples everywhere.

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