Hedonic Glass Sex Toys Review – Very Functional, Absolutely Beautiful

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    “With flowers the sex is up-front and x-rated.” – Harold David, Nature Photographer

    The artist behind Hedonic Glass didn’t start out making sex toys when they began exploring glass artwork. Glass is an expensive medium, however, and after a time the financial pressures of the equipment and materials was too much for the work to continue unless there was a way for the art to pay for itself.

    As it turns out, there was. The resulting array of glass dildos and buttplugs is impressive – and more importantly, in demand.

    “Glass and sex toys have been buddies for a long long time. I like glass, I like sex, flowers are pretty, it was an obvious solution.” – Hedonic Glass Artist

    Hedonic Glass - Flower Butt Plug

    The artist (who prefers to keep out of the public eye) believes that “glass is a pleasure that lasts a lifetime.” While only time will tell on the true durability of this young company, the intimate artifacts themselves certainly do seem to have staying power. The company launched on Etsy in 2015 and has maintained a consistent 5 star rating overall in product reviews. People are impressed, and for good reason. Each piece is unique and handcrafted to order with any requested modifications for maximum personalization of each pleasure item.

    Glass and sex toys do go way back. It’s unclear when humans figured out how to make tools for pleasure, but archeological evidence indicates that it’s been quite a while, given the number of, ahem, scandalously shaped stone relics that have been discovered. Humans figured out pretty early into our glass-making explorations that the smooth feel, temperature retention, and the safe, non-porous surface make the material ideal for sex toy makers around the globe.

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    “How did these organs of plant sex manage to get themselves cross-wired with human ideas of value and status and Eros?” – Michael Pollan

    Georgia O'Keeffe Flower

    Even farther back in the collective human psyche are the intertwined imagery of flowers – the manifestation of sexuality in plants – and our own sensual symbols. Hedonic Glass seizes upon this idea and offers a field of flowers to choose from; each artfully molded piece contains a single perfect bloom.

    Flower-powered sexual motifs have made appearances across all artistic mediums. Georgia O’Keeffe’s yonic flowers are so well-known there is a Buzzfeed game based around differentiating the artists representations from the real thing. Robert Mapplethrope’s photography explores petals and penises in uncompromising black and white images. Many a posing virgin or saint of Renaissance art holds the petals of some dainty flower as modest coverage. Seems like Hedonic’s wildflower glass pieces are in creative company.

    Renaissance artist Hieronymous Boscht was ahead of his time, in more ways than one. The artist’s famous work The Garden of Earthly Delights tackles many themes central to the human experience and the existential crisis that plagues our kind. And butts. A lot of it is about butts, actually.

    Hieronymus Bosch - The Garden of Earthly Delights

    In this triptych painting Boscht tries the old fashioned way (which is understandable, since he died in the 16th century) but we’re pretty sure if he were still alive he would just custom order his next ass bouquet from Hedonic Glass.

    Although the floral buttplugs are definitely the top seller for the studio, there’s a range of toys for those who seek to explore deeper. These dildos are crafted with comfort in mind, and customers respond that they are overwhelmingly satisfied with their toy. The temperature retention qualities of glass make these toys adaptable all year with the capacity to elicit sensations with both warm and cold temperature play.

    “None can have a healthy love for flowers unless he loves the wild ones.” – Forbes Watson

    Hedonic Glass Butt Plug

    The gilded petals contained in each piece is a reminder that we should seek pleasure and beauty in the natural world. Sex is a realm where we are, in many ways, no different than our ancestors. The French have long referred to orgasms as le petite mort, or “the little death”, referencing the capacity of orgasms to render human consciousness weak and permeable. It is the state where civilization has the capacity to fade away and reveal our most basic and animalistic selves – which are, let us not forget, woven deep into the natural environment around us.

    Hedonic Glass invites nature back into the bedroom. Life moves fast, shouldn’t you take the time to appreciate the flowers in your (love) life?

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