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Hallelubeyah! The Lube To Answer Your Prayers

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Hallelubeyah! Just uttering the name of this lube is satisfying. We’re such big fans, we’ve included it in not only one, but three of our new Signature boxes! It’s a lube with an organic feel during sex, one that continues to promote good health long after the deed is done.

It Takes One To Know One

There’s a small but powerful contingent of women-driven companies making an impact in the modern sex product industry; Lovability is part of that current – and we think that’s a GREAT thing. Since we were started by our own empowered female-founder, Meg Ross, The Nooky Box takes pride in collaborating and promoting other women-driven entrepreneurs and their new ventures.

When Tiffany Gaines and Claire Courtney joined forces to co-found Lovability it was a merger of their passions for great, accessible design and advocacy of sexual health. Their first product, Lovability Condoms, was a huge crowdfunding success.

The need was there, and they are still working diligently to meet the needs of their community. Hallelubeyah is their company’s third product to launch, and it’s raising the bar for sexual lubricants designed specifically for women’s health and comfort.

Authentic Intentions, Authentic Feels

Armed with the perspectives needed to gear their products towards the real needs and nuanced desires of the vagina-possessing community, Lovability has sex-positivity and female pleasure at the heart of their mission.

Your body’s natural lubricant is ideal; Hallelubeyah is here to provide just a little more when you need it. Their website proudly boasts that it feels like “natural pussy juice” – and offline we have to say we agree.

It’s all the holistic health approved buzzwords. 100% organic, plant based and vegan; it’s also completely free of glycerin, parabens, fragrances and dyes.

It is, interestingly, thickened with a mushroom-based thickening agent. This is a newer ingredient to the lube industry, but mushrooms have been saving the world forever so we aren’t surprised.

The water-based formula is made with aloe vera, and is soothing to any skin irritation or damage that might occur in sex, or life generally.

Finding The Balance

It’s worth distinguishing between a product that is certified “body-safe” and one that is explicitly designed to be good for your health. The delicate balancing act that is maintaining a your vaginal microbiome can be thrown into disorder by a whole range of ingredients in lube, condoms and sex toy materials.

The Hallelubeyah formula is specifically designed to help mitigate the changes that an active sex life bring to your internal status. It helps keeping your body’s pH in its preferred range (3.7 pH – 4.5 pH) which keeps all the positive bacteria flourishing. Outside of this range, unhealthy cultures will gain the upper hand and can result in discomfort or infection.

Specifically aiming to reduce the frequency and/or duration of yeast infections, Hallelubeyah is gentle enough to use daily to help you maintain order over your body’s systems. This is definitely a tool for your self-care arsenal and bodycare routine.

Of course, this is not just a preventative aid. Perfect for during the act, Hallelubeyah ensures a pleasurable good-times experience for all involved. Add a little Hallelubeyah (and in this instance, a little goes a long way) to the surface of your favorite Nooky Box sex toy to have a deliciously smooth experience. Feels good, always.

#Crowdfunding Role Models

The folks at Lovability have been great collaborators and supportive members of our community during the anticipated roll-out of our Nooky Signature Line on Indiegogo! Come see what else we have buzzing.

Lovability’s success with crowdfunding platforms speaks to their relevance in the current industry; we’re excited to have their women-envisioned pleasurables available in three of the boxes from our Signature Line: The G-Spot Box, The Travel Box, and The Lube Box. Thanks, Lovability!