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New Nooky Box! Sex Is Wet.

It may be the nearing the end of summer, but here at the Nooky Box we know there are plenty of HOT days ahead. This quarter’s Sex Is Wet themed box focuses on how sex can be fun whether in the shower, tub, braving the beach, or soaking the sheets.

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Crave: Duet Vibrator

The Crave team made big promises with its new vibrator and they delivered. This sleek vibe’s purrs are almost silent – but we doubt you’ll be when using it.

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Magnum Fun Factory Dildo

The Magnum Fun Factory Dildo is a toy worth getting stuck on. A featured part of The Signature Betty Box, this pink dildo is ready to tackle any adventure.

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The Fin Finger Vibe

The Fin is a low-profile vibrator that fits nicely between your fingers, making it easy to hold but hard to forget.

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Introducing The Signature Kink Box

Ready to get kinky? Not sure what that even means? The Signature Kink Box is here to knock down the mental (or literal) door to your dungeon and shed some light on the interconnected pathways of pain, pleasure and control.

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Introducing The Signature Lube Box

There’s a whole world of lubes to choose from and knowing which one is right for you has a lot to do with what types of sex you prefer. The Signature Lube Box has a wide array of our favorite brands to choose from and we’re here to help demystify the process of selecting which products would be the best fit for your sex life.

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