Sylk Personal Lube Review

Sylk is the only botanically-based lube made with kiwi vine extract, and has been recommended by medical professionals for over 30 years.

Crave Duet Vibrator Review

The Crave team made big promises with its new vibrator and they delivered. This sleek vibe’s purrs are almost silent – but we doubt you’ll be when using it.

Fin Finger Vibrator Review

The Fin is a low-profile vibrator that fits nicely between your fingers, making it easy to hold but hard to forget.

Hedonic Glass Sex Toys Review – Very Functional, Absolutely Beautiful

Hedonic Glass Sex Toys combine art and function. These custom glass pieces are pleasing to look at, easy to clean and will put a smile on your face.

Pandora’s Pops Review

Nooky Box has partnered with Pandora’s Pops to feature an exclusive “Nookyberry” flavor that has potent aphrodisiac properties and a clever design that delights the tongue.

Bfit BSwish: Exercise We Can Agree On

The Bfit BSwish Classic kegel balls are a system to strengthen your muscles in the most pleasurable way possible. Exercise we can get behind!

Ooh San Francisco Nights Collection Pleasure Kit Review

Ooh by Je Joue begs you to give in to your wanderlust fantasies. Check out The Nooky Box review of the Ooh San Francisco Nights Collection Pleasure Kit.

Eggplant Emojibator™ Review

The Eggplant Emojibator is a viral joke that got serious. While this vibrator is a humorous addition to any sex toy collection, its ten powerful settings are no joke.


Überlube – Why It’s One of Our Favorite Lubes for Sex and Much More

Überlube is Minimalism taken to its most erotic conclusion. This four-ingredient lubricant is simple and yet so effective in and out of the bedroom.

Joan Holloway from Mad Men

The Vesper Vibrator Necklace – 10 Surprising Uses Including Harry Potter Magic

The Vesper by Crave doubles as both a stealthy vibrator and stylish Necklace. What else can you use it for? We have some ideas. Follow along.

The Nooky Box “Sex Is Passion” Unboxing Video

Felicity Keith is back to unveil our current Nooky Box Subscriptions “Sex Is Passion” themed box.


OMGYes – A Modern Exploration of Women’s Sexual Pleasure

Have you heard about OMGYes? Explore techniques from the first-ever large scale research about the specifics of women’s pleasure.

How to Use a Vibrator

How to Use a Vibrator – A Nooky Box Animation (Video)

Get useful beginner tips about how to use a vibrator in this short animation created by The Nooky Box. Even if you’re a pro you’ll be amused.

The letter A representing the A spot

The A-Spot – How to Find and Stimulate It

Favorite cousin to well-known G Spot, the Anterior Fornix is another pleasure zone worth knowing about. Find out what the a spot is and how to find it.

Kink vs. Fetishes. What’s The Difference?

Ever wondered the difference between kinks and fetishes? Here is a guide to simplify and lay it all out for you.